5 Best Pan For Bacon 2023 [Ideal For Cooking Crispy Bacon]

Meat lovers often include a variety of bacon recipes in their breakfast. It is the most loved food across the world and a healthy choice due to its crunchy texture, a combination of fat and salt. For some non-vegetarian fans, the unique pungent smell and juicy flavors of bacon are very appealing which attracts them to add to every meal whether it is morning, brunch or dinner.

This is barely astonishing given its highly intoxicating taste that will always leave you wanting more. But do you feel something is missing when making bacon? Perhaps there is a lack in the method of cooking or the absence of a bacon pan. Many don’t familiar with the skillets that are designed specifically for bacon recipes.

Choosing the right Pan for Frying Bacon will help you prepare a professional chef like the recipe on your own. The endless choices by a range of brands under different coatings and costs will leave you confused in choosing the best pan.

To choose the best bacon pan, you need to look for options that have a built-in square shape with advanced grill lines to improve grilling and give you bigger sides to work with hot grease. Also, ensure that skillet is made of premium-quality material. Keeping in mind your convenience and to make the selection even easier, we have researched and come up with a range of some of the Best quality Pan for Bacon.

Best Pan For Frying Bacon

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1. EaZy MealZ Bacon Rack & Tray Set

EaZy MealZ Bacon Rack & Tray Set

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On this list, first, we have a unique rack and tray set for preparing delicious bacon recipes by showing your cooking skills. The easy meals tray and bacon set accommodates up to 12 strips of bacon, underneath tray allows catching all excess oil resulting in less greasy cooked bacon.

This skillet is designed in such a way that each bacon strip is detached. Also, it enables heat movement around each strip of bacon, as a result cooking thoroughly. The highlighting factor that you’ll like the most is a non-stick coating of the rack and the tray.

EaZy MealZ Bacon Rack

The coating helps prepare bacon without causing stickiness as well as healthier recipes all the time. In fact, the tray of this set is a versatile piece of cookware; hence you can use it separately for baking. This 14*9*2 inches, rectangular-shaped skillet weighs 2.17 pounds, making the entire unit lightweight, compact, and portable.

What we like:

  • The set is available in four different sizes, including Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.
  • The tray underneath is suitable for collecting all grease.

What we don’t like:

  • The set is a bit costly.

2. Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Baking Tray

Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Baking Tray

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With this Bacon Baking Tray, you can bake bacon recipes in the oven with ease. This is one of the best sets known for healthier cooking. If you’re fond of flat, evenly cooked bacon recipes, you must go for this baking tray as it allows preparing bacon without the mess.

Besides bacon, it is great for making dried fruits, jerky, veggies, crisp fries, and more. Talk about the material, it is designed using aluminum, which is lightweight, easy to clean, oven-safe, and budget-friendly. But its look is very similar to stainless steel skillet.

Bacon Baking Tray

Furthermore, it offers large room space for preparing a large batch of food as it measures 17.1x 12.3 x1.5 inches and 15.6×11.7×1.5 inches from the exterior and interior, respectively.

Made in USA baking tray set comes with an imported non-stick rack, features 4-corner for easy disposal of bacon fat when cooking is completed. Cleaning tip: Stroke your pan with aluminum foil previously to baking for hassle-free cleaning.

What we like:

  • The material is free from toxic or any harmful chemicals.
  • It helps cook bacon evenly without the mess.

What we don’t like:

  • The coating on the bacon rack is easy to scratch and is a bit soft.

3. Baking Sheet with Wire Rack Set

Baking Sheet with Wire Rack Set

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The set of two-piece sheet pans is perfect for cooking and baking. It can also be used together or separately since the cooling rack fits finely into the half sheet pan. The baking sheet with wire rack by KPKitchen is ideal to cook crisp bacon in the oven or cool down cookies.

Its most special thing is that it is made of aluminum, which is highly durable, ergonomic and perfect for all types of cooking. The brand offers six removable sheets along to prevent scratches on your baking sheets and kitchen countertops. These sheets are completely safe for dishwasher cleaning and oven use. Also, they are safe up to 500 degrees F.

It is well made and very sturdy rack designed with a tight cross grid pattern and lifts 1 inch to offer ample airflow which is perfect for cooking bacon in the oven. The pan is simple yet compact for preparing a large batch of food at one time. Hence, the overall frame is constructed & designed with premium material for a seamless baking experience.

What we like:

  • It comes with an aluminum baking sheet to prevent the pan from warping in the oven.
  • It is one of the versatile sets, designed for both cooking & baking.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.

What we don’t like:

  • Too expensive.

4. Gotham Steel Bonanza Bacon Cooker

Gotham Steel Bonanza Bacon Cooker

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Buying the best pan for cooking bacon is one of the hardest things to do, but here’s a simple solution in the form of the Gotham Steel Bonanza Bacon Cooker. With the use of this cooker, you can make crispy bacon with lower fat every day. The non-stick coating over the skillet is best for the ultimate non-stick experience, without butter and oil.

Moreover, it is free of PFOA, lead, PFAS, and cadmium so it will never discharge toxic fumes, especially when it is overheated. This 14 x 2 x 10 inches bacon skillet easily cooks up to 12 strips of bacon without joining together. Also, it keeps your bacon lifted away from grease.

Their custom-fitted skillets collect all that fat and flavors to maintain the crispiness. Due to its lightweight & compact design, it is easy to clean the cooker without any hassle. If you want, you can also clean it in the dishwasher. Another notable aspect, it features an 11.5″ x 8″ cooking surface therefore it is easy to prepare a large batch of food.

What we like:

  • It is a lightweight, super functional pan designed for every kitchen task.
  • The rack keeps the bacon off the bottom of the pan where the grease brings it together.

What we don’t like:

  • The unit is not deep enough.

5. Wilton Non-Stick Griddle and Bacon Pan

Wilton Non-Stick Griddle and Bacon Pan

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If you bake and cook most of the time, you need a skillet that will hold up day after day. And, this is going to be the perfect choice for repetitive cooking & baking task. The bacon pan by Wilton has a large griddled base, which is ideal for cooking sausages, crispy bacon and other meals.

This 15*20 inches bacon pan comes with a 10-year warranty, making it the prior choice of many buyers. Talk about construction, alloy steel material is used to design this bacon pan.

Furthermore, it has a reinforced non-stick coating for quick cleanup and easy release. This 3.25 pounds bacon pan is dishwasher safe, ergonomic and designed to collect all flavors and textures of bacon.

This non-stick pan is perfect for cooking meats, with a slightly angled center that lets grease flow away from the recipe into the strips that canal that surround the edge. In the terms of quality, design, versatility, looks and structure, this would be an excellent option.

What we like:

  • It has a large surface which is good for cooking meat in a large amount.
  • The pan is made up of high-quality alloy steel.

What we don’t like:

  • The pan is too big to fit in the sink or keep in the dishwasher for cleaning.

How to Choose the Best Pan for Frying Bacon?

Pans, cookers, trays for frying bacon can be great for reducing the effort or time of breakfast, brunch or dinner preparation. With the right pan, you can make freshly cooked bacon or meat dishes in no time at all. For cooking and baking tasks, you need to use the right tool.

For that, you should get to know about the different factors during the purchase of a bacon pan. The key factors that have a significant impact on the consistency & quality of the pan include non-stick coating and construction. To choose the best pan for cooking bacon or any other food for grilling, you can go through the given buying guide.

1. The shape of the pan

The foremost & important thing that should be kept while buying a bacon pan is its shape. Bacon pans can be square or flat unlike traditional pans usually have a round shape. The square or rectangular shaped pan allows you to cook several pieces of bacon in one batch. Using an adequately sized pan will reduce the effort of repeatedly cooking thinner and larger pieces of bacon. So, a round pan is not a suitable option for cooking bacon.

  • Elevated Sides

Another important thing that needs to keep in mind is the elevated sides of the pan because bacon tends to crack while cooking in the pan. The bacon pan with a unique design helps keep grease and oil from splattering, which means it serves as a safety factor.

  • Grill lines

Grill lines on the pan surface play a vital role.  These lines are designed to cook bacon thoroughly and quickly. Pan with grill lines allows for some of the oil to drip off the bacon and for hot air to circulate the pan. Furthermore, it helps collect and store grease while cooking.

  • Tight-fitted lid

Most bacon pans come with a tight-fitting lid that ensures cooking with safety. The lidded pan prevents hot oil from hitting you and spilling when you cook for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

2. Materials

Unlike traditional pans made of stainless steel, bacon pans are available in a wide range of materials, including cast iron, non-stick, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. Each material has its advantage and disadvantages.

Non-stick – Non-stick is considered to be the best material for bacon pans. Bacon with non-stick coating prevents sticking to the pan’s surface.

Cast Iron – Cast Iron is an ideal option for cooking bacon as it helps enhance the flavors of the bacon while frying. Plus, it is a good source of energy conductor, distributes heat evenly. The only downside of cast iron is that they are heavy, bulky and difficult to store.

Stainless Steel – Pans made from stainless steel material are perfect in terms of durability and heat transferring quality. Stainless steel bacon pans heat a little faster, so you may need to inspect the food when cooking. Furthermore, they don’t contain toxic chemicals and is very easy to clean.

How to Clean and Care Your Bacon Pan?

Cleaning a bacon pan can be easy with some elbow grease and common household supplies. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you clean your back pan for regular use.

Tips for Cleaning Bacon Pan

Method 1 – Clean it while it’s hot, one of the most effective and real ways to remove stubborn residue from surfaces. All you have to do is drain the grease from the pan and fill it with hot water. Keep it aside for a few minutes so that you are away from the hassle of cleaning. Next, take a dishwasher and put a few drops of it on the pan, and start scrubbing gently. For further cleaning, keep it in your dishwasher.

Method 2 – You can also use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwasher liquid for pan cleaning. This method helps remove dried and stuck bacon grease. Firstly, make a thick paste mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and a few drops of dishwasher liquid are also mixed into this. Start scrubbing in a circular motion by using this paste. Let paste keep aside for an hour to dry. Now scrub the pan using a scrubbing pad and wash it under hot water for further use.

Method 3- Sometimes grease stains remain even after cleaning several times. In such a case, all you need to do is use vinegar, an acidic solution that can remove stains from almost all pans. You can use a large container or your kitchen sink to pour your pan into the vinegar. Submerge your pan in vinegar for at least 1 to 2 hours. After that, take the pan out and pour a few drops of your dishwasher solution on it. Begin scrubbing with a soft toothbrush or scrub. Finally, wash off with warm water for further use.

Method 4 – If vinegar hasn’t proved as an effective option, you can for table salt as a cleaning solution. Keep in mind that excessive use of table salt can scratch the finish. Start by pouring the pan in vinegar for a few minutes. A little amount of salt and a few drops of the dishwasher is enough to get better results. Scrub gently until the grease comes off. Alternatively, you can spread baking soda over the pan for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, rub it with a clean damp cloth and wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Bacon Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Best Pan Material for Cooking Bacon?

If you use a stovetop regularly and want to cook bacon, opting for a cast iron bacon pan is good. Cast iron pan has a symbiotic relationship with bacon as with fried chicken. The best part about cast iron is it won’t stick your ingredients over the base of the pan, thus making clean-up easy as well as hassle-free. But make sure your cast iron bacon pan is well seasoned before cooking.

  1. How much do temperatures require for cooking cuts of bacon?

Either make a thick cut or a regular cut of bacon, you have to do is cook them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Firstly start heating your oven and let it allow for pre-heat. Then cook bacon cuts for at least 18 to 20 minutes until it is meet your required level of crunchiness. Tip for all bacon lovers, you can also rotate the pan halfway through to ensure whether bacon is prepared or not.

  1. Is it OK to cook bacon in stainless steel cookware?

You need to understand the primary purpose of using a bacon pan, to collect leftover oil and cook bacon unevenly. If you use stainless steel and need evenly heat distribution with minimal effort, then it is ok to cook with. But remember you won’t achieve desirable results and even crispiness. Carbon steel & cast iron, on the other side, works well as they enable collect leftover grease that works later as seasoning.

  1. How do I store cooked bacon?

If you love eating bacon a lot, storing 5 pounds of bacon at once is enough. Once you have prepared bacon in a large quantity, it can be saved in the freezer for up to 2 to 3 months. For easy storage, make small pieces of cooked bacon. You only want to defrost what you are going to instantly use.

  1. Is it necessary to grease a bacon pan before cooking?

It is solely up to you. The positive side of greasing a bacon pan before cooking is to fry the bacon completely. Plus, you won’t have any trouble moving the bacon from the pan to the plate. Also, you’ll be alert if the bacon starts to make a slow, crackling sound or start burning.

  1. How much does a bacon pan cost?

Depending on the size and material type, the cost of bacon varies. You can check the multiple sites to evaluate the actual price of a bacon pan you want.


Hopefully, this guide will helps in opting for the best quality with a perfect edge bacon pan. Otherwise, you can consider the above-given pans option.

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