3 Best Brownie Pans 2023 [Better For Baking]

A whole piece of brownie along with the chocolate syrup, choco chips and a scoop of ice cream is a deadly combination to eat. To make your favorite version from pumpkin brownies to flavored coffee-infused Texas brownies, gluten-free brownies, or more, you need the right pan. Choosing the right pan is important as the quality of each slice of brownies matters, however, depending on the baking pan, the texture may vary.

Presently, most premium quality pans are made for baking, specifically desserts like brownies, offered in numerous materials. These materials are steel, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and silicone. The steel brownie pan has a uniform and fast heating properties, which speed up your baking speed while ceramic that anti-stick ability. Talk of aluminum, it helps you make the bulkiest and soft brownies without being crushed. Glass brownies are not only used to prepare brownies, also to bake a variety of dishes.

Best Brownie Pans For The Money

However, pan material and size play an essential role in shaping the texture of your brownies. But, choosing the right amid the numerous options can be daunting. To make your selection less difficult, we tested 8 pans from top cookware brands and prepared a comprehensive list of some of the best brownie pans, available both online and offline.

1. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan: Best Overall

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

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Bake subtle and soft brownies at your home with Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan. This Pan is designed to make every piece the perfect one. Unlike a simple brownie pan available on the market, it features sectioned and zig-zag design that adds too chewy, crispy, and appropriately crunchy edges to every piece of brownie.

Opposing a brownie skillet with dividers, this edgy brownie pan with a single chamber design enables the batter to be spread thoroughly during baking. As a result, you will be baked to perfection and enhance the cooking experience.


Speaking of construction, it is made of a heavy-duty cast aluminium pan inside and outside. This will make pan cleanup easier and food release with minimal effort. Since all the corners are smooth and rounded, you won’t have trouble while baking or cleaning. Having quality silicone-based non-stick at the base, the pan is completely free of PFTE, PFOA and Teflon. This will promote the pan for perfect heat distribution and even baking.

Since it can tolerate oven temperatures of up to 500 degrees F, the pan can be saved for both the oven and broiler. Recessed handles are also added to the pan for a secure, comfortable and firm grip when the pan is turned upside down.


  • The sectioned and zig-zag designs stand out from others.
  • Aluminium construction makes the pan durable and sturdy.


  • No crispy edges have come off as per a user.

2. Brooklyn Brownie Baking Pan: Runner Up

Brooklyn Brownie Baking Pan

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What sets the Brooklyn Brownie Pan apart from others is its pre-cut and multi-purpose divider design. In addition to baking brownies, it can also be used to prepare square pizzas, mini cakes, or roast other foods without removing the dividers.

Move to pan’s construction, Brooklyn brownie pan is constructed from heavy-gauge aluminized steel that promotes even baking, resists warping from superior heat conduction, and offer durable & long-lasting performance. It also uses platinum layer spraying technology & non-stick coating, which is stain-resistant and non-corrosive. Further, the coating is PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA-free.


This protective layer & coating will save brownies from breaking when slicing or taking them out. Since it is dishwasher safe, you need not put effort or waste your time. However, for better results & long shelf life, manual cleaning is recommended.


  • Due to the detachable design, the Brooklyn pan is easy to store and easy to clean thoroughly.
  • With this removable divider pan, you can easily create 18 sliced brownies with no fuss.


  • Not compatible with small ovens.

3. Beasea Brownie Pan with Dividers: Best In Budget

Beasea Brownie Pan with Dividers

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A pan with 12 dividers is perfectly designed to get the even browner corner with crusty edges. The carbon steel construction of the Beasea Brownie Pan is durable and sturdy to be baked evenly in the oven. This brownie pan is not only for brownies but can be used to make mini loaves, sweet bread, jello, fruit bread, cakes, cookies, cornbread, and so on. It is the appropriate pan for baking treats for parties, potlucks, special occasions and everyday desserts.

Beasea dessert tray with 12 mini containers is specially made with non-stick coating, which makes help easily eliminate cupcake from each pocket. Apply some butter to get perfect food release. The non-stick is great and perfect which makes cleaning easy too.

Move to the pan’s construction, this brownie pan is made of carbon steel that is ideal for making portion cheesecakes, cakes, brownies, meatloaves, and more. Since the pan is thin, not every piece of brownie is big, making for a cute and small piece for kids. This square, black, 12 cavities, brownie pan is oven safe up to maximum temperatures.


  • It is perfect for making nice cute square stuff for kids.
  • Perfect gift for serious bakers.


  • Not found.

How To Choose The Best Brownie Pans?

It doesn’t matter which pan you use to make brownies. Even so, if you have specific preferences and need some additional features to improve your baking knowledge without significantly sacrificing flavor or taste and flavor, make sure to look for the following when purchasing your desired pan:

1. Materials

Because it will be used in ovens, you’ll want to make sure this material is long-lasting and safe for food. Stainless steel models are the most long-lasting. However, some steel-based models are just as reliable as the plastic ones.

The nonstick coating on the inside of the pan is common. Get one with a better coating if you can. Brownies and cakes’ ability to be removed from the tin without causing damage depends on the coating’s quality.

It would be much easier to clean the pan after baking if it had a high-quality nonstick coating.

There are several excellent alternatives to aluminum and nonstick pans out there. Flexible food-grade silicone is used in the construction of this set of baking pans. When you pop or push the small brownie pieces, they come out easily. It’s possible to alter the configuration of silicone materials, too.

2. Washability

It’s simple to clean nonstick and aluminum surfaces. Once you remove your brownie from the pan, you could use a traditional dishwasher to remove stains and odors.

Dishwasher safety does not apply to flexible silicone pans. If you don’t wash them by hand, they won’t last as long.

3. Safety-Food grade

Ideally, the pan should be food-grade, BPA-free, and oven-safe, whether it’s a microwave or an electric oven. Don’t even think about skimping on this one. Check to see if the pan you’re looking for meets these requirements.

4. Removable dividers and grids

You could also remove and reposition the grids & dividers that come with some plain pans, depending on your baking needs. If your mixer has a scratch-resistant surface, you may be able to use it with the batter instead of pouring it into the pan first.

Try putting the divider or grid, and the brownies will arise out of the oven perfectly sliced—there is no need to slice it any further.

5. Non-stick

A brownie pan’s ability to hold its shape is critical. To ensure that your brownies come out of the pan easily, you should use a pan having a nonstick surface. Keeping a glossy appearance, your brownie will not be cracked or ripped.

In addition to making cleanup a breeze, the high-quality nonstick coating prevents the dough from sticking to the pan’s corners during baking.

6. Brownie pans types

If you’ve been looking into baking brownies, you’ve probably come across a variety of pans in various sizes and shapes. Irrespective of their shape or size, these pans are mainly of two types.

7. Easy-release feature

Whether or not your brownies are easy to remove from the pan after baking is an important consideration. Easy-release brownie pans make it simple to remove the finished brownie from the pan without damaging it.

To achieve the best ease of release, many brownies pans now available are made from either food-grade silicone or even a mixture of both metals as well as silicone coating.

8. Traditional pans

Most people use the rectangular or square versions of these most frequently. Aside from the handlebars on some models, there are no internal dividers or other special features.

This sort of pan makes it much easier to pour batter into it when baking plain brownies. Additionally, there is no need for excessive planning.

9. Molded pans

These, on the other hand, don’t necessitate slicing because they have internal dividers or cavities. There are a few things you should keep in mind when pouring batter into pan or dividers: precision and accuracy. If you don’t, the batter will end up all over the place.

When you need to make a large number of brownies quickly, this is the recipe for you.

It’s possible to find models with unique patented shapes in addition to the standard rectangles and squares. In some cases, these dividers could be removed based on the model’s preference for baking.

All brownie and baking pans will fall into one of two categories, no matter how many different shapes and sizes they come in.

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Brownie Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a glass or metal pan for making brownies?

Yes, but the outcomes will vary significantly depending on the pan used. Uncoated medium-to-heavyweight aluminum or a metal pan coated in a grey nonstick material is ideal. If you use a different nonstick or dark-coated pan, the brownies will have chewier edges.

 Also, the baking time will need to be shortened slightly if a darkish, nonstick metal pan is being used. Bake for an extra 3–5 minutes if using an insulated pan. A brownie baked in a glass dish will have chewier borders and a fudgier center.

  1. Do I need to lower down the temperature while baking in metal or glass brownie pan?

No, you shouldn’t lower the oven temperature; however you will need to reduce the baking time. The product should have clear instructions, so read those first.

  1. Why it is important to grease the pan’s bottom?

Greasing the bottom and edges of the pan will prevent the brownie batter from “climbing” up the edges of the pan and result in flatter brownies with an irregular top.

  1. Can brownies be baked in any size of pan?

It doesn’t matter what size pan you choose for brownies, as they turn out great any way. Most use pans that measure 13 by 9 by 2 inches while baking. If you want thicker brownies, use a 9x9x2-inch pan for baking. To make extra-thick brownies, increase the baking time specified on the container by roughly 10 minutes. Additionally, brownies prepared in an 8x8x2 inch or 11x7x2 inch pan would be particularly thick, necessitating a longer baking time (almost a hr) at a little lower temperature (325oF) to ensure even baking throughout.

Make sure you use accurate measuring tools, and check the brownies with a toothpick to see if they’re done. What does the toothpick test involve? When a toothpick inserted 2 inches from the edge of the pan comes out clean or virtually clean, the brownies are done.

  1. Why brownies fudge in the center?

Maybe you didn’t give them enough time in the oven, or the temperature wasn’t high enough. To ensure your oven reaches the proper baking temperature before you put in the brownies, turn it on ten to fifteen minutes beforehand.

Then, double-check the package instructions for baking time. You might want to get your oven checked if you suspect it is giving you inaccurate readings. 

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