The Best Donut Pans 2023 [Make Perfect Doughnuts]

For home-based donut, you will need to get an expert recipe, and of course, you also want the right baking pan. Whether they are silicone or steel, the right donut pans have non-stick properties, which allow you to scoop out fresh sweet bites without falling apart. As the name implies, donut pans can usually be used to bake the right size donut, and you all know donuts have a unique shape with rings. And, this is the major aspect when it comes to buying a good quality donut pan.

Owning a wrong size pan makes them difficult to bake, so you should invest in a donut pan that comes with the perfect shape, size, and even the rings are taken care of. In our opinion, the best quality donut pan will be made of a non-stick, durable material so that your creation won’t destroy when being eliminated from the pan. The pan should have room to poke holes for the treatment as well as be the preferred size.

Most of you think that choosing the donut pan is a straightforward task, but there are certain aspects you should have to keep in your mind. These include material, durability, and size. Our tester reviewed many donut pans from the top brands and found these are the best rated donut pans that is available online:

Best Donut Pans For The Money

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1. Wilton 6-Cavity Doughnut Baking Pan: Best Overall

Wilton Doughnut Baking Pan

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A quality pan with the premium build quality and the non-stick coating is a commendable option. The market is flooded with many baking pans designed for baking donuts and other breakfast snacks. However, most of them are not as good as Wilton 6-Cavity Doughnut Baking Pan. Why? There are three unique benefits that you must learn before.

This pan has a non-stick coating that prevents the donut from sticking to the surface while baking. This feature might be familiar, but the removal of donuts from mold is a challenging part, and you won’t have to worry about it with this product.

Wilton Pan  while baking Doughnut

The second functionality is easy-to-clean property. Finally, you can use this donut pan in the dishwasher, which is good as new.

Pros –

  • Easy to clean property ensure the best use.
  • The build quality is commendable, and the manufacturer offers ten years of warranty.
  • Non-stick cooking of donuts and a safe dishwasher ensure the best use.
  • Six cavity packs are good enough to make breakfast for a family of three or four.

Cons –

  • A few people claim to get broken or faulty delivery. There are no significant cons with this pan.

2. HEHALI Donut Pan: Runner Up

HELI Donut Pan

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The use of silicone mold is becoming a trend due to its more accessible storage advantage, easy-to-clean functionality, and affordable pricing. The same thing you can expect from Hehali Donut Pan. We checked, it has a premium quality pan with a large cavity to make giant donuts. You can use this silicone mold in multipurpose cooking at the same time. The overall usability enhances here.

The second key functionality is non-stick baking. You can pour all the material inside without using non-stick spray and bake it.

HEHALI-Donut-pan for baking

Once the donuts are made, you can quickly get them outside and wait to cool down. After that, removing donuts is easy; you won’t have to worry about sticky donuts with the mold. It is not a significant issue with this product.

Pros –

  • Superior build quality ensures excellent durability in the long run.
  • Pricing is highly affordable, and it provides the excellent value without a doubt.
  • The color options in this mold are enormous, and you can choose a specific option.
  • Non-stick baking and easy cleaning is the primary feature that ensures the best use.
  • Food-grade silicone is used in the manufacturing of this baking pan.

Cons –

  • Any cut into silicon with poor maintenance will ruin the mold.

3. Bellemain’s Premiere Donut Pan: Best In Budget

Bellemain Premiere Donut Pan

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The combination of silicon and alloy steel makes bakeware the prior choice for most baking enthusiasts and chefs. The same build construction is found in Belleman’s donut pan. After inclusive research, we found that this pan is actually thoughtfully designed with superior construction to prepare delicious, evenly heated fresh donuts at home.

Unlike other silicone pans that can leach harmful chemicals or disturbing odors into your food, this nonstick donut pan is engineered with reliable, heavy, and food-related steel. If you’ve noticed, the market is full of steel bakeware, but choosing this one can give you a great breeze, as it won’t bend or warp.


Another key specification associated with 6 mold donut pans is the flat and level base, which helps to make baked donuts equally healthy compared to frying. What sets it apart from other donut pans is its 6-mold design in each pan, so you can prepare large batch treats for Christmas parties, events, and gatherings.

Spending a few bucks over the set of two baking pans will allow you to enjoy the perfect donut with multiple toppings, such as sprinkle, fudge, glazed, or chocolate.


  • 6 molds in each pan reduce the repetitive baking task by allowing multiple donuts in a single batch.
  • Alloy steel and silicone construction make the pan reliable, sturdy, and versatile.
  • Besides being safe for oven use, it is too safe to clean in the dishwasher.


  • One buyer pointed out that the molds aren’t deep enough, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to sturdy construction.

4. GEZAN 12 Cavity Non-Stick Donut Baking Pan: Considerable

GEZAN Donut Baking Pan

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A product that offers the perfect usability and speedy baking of donuts is the Gazan 12 cavity non-stick donut pan. It is a premium-grade product in the mid-range price point, ensuring the best value so far. From making fluffy donuts to adequate maintenance, this donut pan is perfect in many ways. The build quality is premium as alloy steel is used in manufacturing.

The second key benefit is easy to expect due to its non-stick surface. As a result, cooking donuts is easier, and you can wash them clean or choose a dishwasher.

Overall, it is a highly reliable option at the given price point. There are plenty of positive customer feedback to claim the same, and it is an easy pick over many other options at the same price. In addition, you can use this pan for multipurpose baking.

Pros –

  • You can make Donuts with ease.
  • Non-stick properties ensure that your donut removes easily.
  • Cleaning is more accessible as the pan is dishwasher safe.
  • 12 cavity to make plenty of donuts in a single run.
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • Not available

How To Choose The Best Donut Pan?

In this part, you will learn about the best donut pans that are available on the market.

1. Size of the donut pans:

The donut pans are available in various sizes that may start from 6 to 24 donuts. If you have to make donuts daily in your house, you can opt for the pans that come with 6 spots. If it is to be required for a party, you can go with 24 ones. That will be much more convenient for the makers.

2. Temperature of the donut pans:

If you are the kind of a person who wants to make donuts with different sets of batter then it is vital to check the temperature of the same. The donuts can be best prepared if the temperature of the pan is 450 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Non-stick material:

It is also important to see that the donut pan comes with a non-stick coating. This will help in the easy removal of the donuts from the pan. It also becomes easier for the person to remove the donuts from the pan with the help of a non-stick donut material pan.

4. Dishwasher safe donut pans:

It is essential to check that the donut pans can be easily cleaned or washed. They must be dishwasher safe at the same time. You need to enquire about the same while buying the donut pans.

5. Check the durability of the donut pan:

You must also check the durability of the donut pan while intending to buy it. The donut pans are of two types. One is the metal and the other is silicone. The metals are scratch-resistant. Thus, it depends upon the buyer which metal would they prefer while buying a donut pan.

6. Décorative moulds:

If you are willing to make donuts at home, you must go for the one that comes with decorative moulds. This will allow you to make decorative and colorful donuts even at home.

7. Check the donuts accessories

You must also check the donuts accessories before buying the same. It is better if you get the piping bags and spatulas with the donut pans. This will help you in the smooth preparation of the donuts at home.

8. Check the reviews of the product

It is always vital to check and go through the reviews of the donut pans while you attempt to buy it. For this, you will get several sites that are engaged with the task of getting and providing the reviews of the product. It can be helpful for the candidates.

9. Check the price of the donut pan:

You must also check the price of the donut pans from various sources. This can be best done if get or acquire correct information about the price from various sources. You will learn about the exact price.

10. Warranty period

It is also good if you have a proper knowledge on the warranty period. You must also check about the warranty period before buying the product. It is necessary to see that you get a warranty period of six months to one year on the product that you intend to buy.

How to Use a Donut Pan for Best Result?

Baking donuts are a beloved baking tool in the kitchen or for many baking enthusiasts. They are an incredible innovation that enables you to easily prepare donuts without frying them. Most modern pans are designed to give a fresh touch to the traditional donut recipe. You will keep the following tips and tricks in mind for even better results. This way you can easily bake perfect donuts.

  • Prepare thick batter

Most donut recipes given on the package of the pan advised you to prepare a stiff batter. There might be a possibility you experiment with different flavors, but always keep in mind never to prepare a runny batter because it will come over the top regardless of fluffing. On the other side, thicker batters with an adequate amount of leavening will give you a nice texture, rise, and flavors, thus preparing a perfect shape donut when you serve it.

  • Donut Hollow should be filled completely

For achieving a better shape donut, always fill your donut hollow to the top or close to it.

  • Fill your donut pan with a Piping bag

Using a spoon or knife to fill a mini donut pan is tricky, and it can ruin the consistency and shape of the donut. Use a Ziploc bag or pastry bag to squeeze the batter into the pan. That way, you won’t compromise on donut looks and save a lot of time and effort.

  • Flour and grease your donut pan

Even though the donut pan has a non-stick base, it is very difficult to release the donut using a spatula or knife, as it can sometimes get stuck in it. So, you are advised to sprinkle some flour or grease pan with less oil to save yourself from the effort. Otherwise, you may have trouble while baking as well as cleaning.

  • Avoid Over baking

Overbaking may ruin the natural flavors of your donut. Therefore, check your treats a minute or two before the suggested baking time is up. The donut baking time tends to make the donut dry. Check the moist crumbs by inserting a toothpick in the middle of the donut. If you find that the donut will get drier, add moisture by using cream cheese or butter, somewhat than a milk & confectioners’ sugar glaze. However, donuts having large sizes usually take 15 to 18 minutes to bake while mini donuts anywhere require 10 to 12 minutes.

Donut Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bake donuts without a donut pan?

If you’re fond of cooking donuts, but don’t have a suitable pan, there are several options, such as muffin tins. You don’t need to add another pan to your collection to make baked donuts on your own. All you need is some aluminium foil and a muffin tin to make do-it-yourself donuts.

  1. Why do donuts get hard?

If you are a newbie to baking you have no idea what temperature is required. Another reason behind this is frying too much at too low a temperature, which will result in greasy donuts with a tough crust. Check the temperature of the oil carefully before you begin frying, adjusting the heat, if necessary, to maintain the temperature between 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Are donuts baked or fried?

Usually, donuts need to be deep-fried with flour dough, while bakers use other types of batter as well. A variety of flavorings and toppings are used for the variety, such as chocolate or maple glazing, sugar-coated, etc. Donuts recipes require you to add sugar, milk, yeast, water, oil, natural or artificial flavorings, and shortening.

  1. Which flour is required to prepare donuts?

For cake donuts, you need to add all-purpose flour. This flour does not require the same gluten expansion and is prone to hardening a bit as with bread flour. While for raised donut recipes, you need to use active-dried yeast. For instant yeast, add the same amount if needed.

  1. How many types of donuts are available in the market?

Various types of donuts are out there, including glazed donuts, yeast donuts, cake donuts, sugar donuts, churros, powder donuts, chocolate sprinkle, and crumb donuts.

  1. What alternatives can I use for donuts instead of baking powder?

Here are some good substitutes for baking powder for donuts:

  • Molasses
  • Sour Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Club Soda
  1. What kinds of donut pans are usually available?

Whether you’re making a few mini treats or you’re making a big batch of donuts, there are different types for that. For donuts that are smaller than the standard size, you should have a medium donut pan. To bake donuts for kids, try mini donut pans. This little donut pan will love to decorate and eat. If you’re planning on baking donuts with nuts, look for a mega donut pan.

Final Note

If you have a kid in your home, they must be fond of donuts. It is a confectionery item that is loved by almost all the kids. It is always available in the bakery shops. But now you can make donuts at home if you have a proper donut pan. It will allow you to easily make and taste the donuts at home. However, you need to be very cautious while buying the donut pans.

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