3 Best Grill Pans 2023 [Let’s Barbeque Your Food]

When it comes to grilling, we often think of a hot summer environment, cooking outside, using extra-long tongs, and groups of people. To continue this warm spirit for interior use, we have a better solution for you as restaurant food. But, most of us don’t spend much money on grilled food, but when the craving strikes, what’s the best solution? Of course, opt for a grill pan, an indoor version of a barbecue grill.

Grilling pans serve multi-purpose uses, and therefore, you can use them to grill burgers, fish, panini or anything else. A grill pan enables you to get those tempting marks on your food without having to use it in an electrical outlet. With the right pan, you can achieve caramelized, charred flavors even when cooking inside.

It is also a vital item for someone who loves cooking. However, these pans are designed thoughtfully for use in homes inside of commercial uses. They help in achieving the same taste if prepared by a chef in a restaurant. Depending on your cooking style or how often you use it, you can choose the customized option that meets your grilling requirements.

Grill Pan

Best Buy Grill Pans For The Money

To choose the best grilling pan, We tested 11 grill pan from the top cookware brands, let’s take a look at the given options:

1. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

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USA-based Lodge brand has been offering unbeatable cookware for every kitchen. Cast-iron cookware is always a good collection because it is strong, durable and lightweight. Lodge Cast iron grill 10.5 inches pan is the right piece of cookware to broil, braise, sauté, sear, and fry. With a natural finish and even heating base, you won’t have hassle during the release of food and cleaning. It is tough enough for decades of cooking, and over with use, the finish and seasoning improve the pan better.

An upgraded bend on a traditional touch, this lodge square grill pan features straight grill ribs that hold cooking drippings and elevate food. It provides natural easy-release, even heating, durability and versatility.

The lodge cast iron pan is designed in such a way to use on the stove, in the oven, over the campfire or on the grill. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, very little effort is required as it is already seasoned. You just have to open the pack and start using it.


  • This 10.5-inch, square grill pan features fine ribs for an even crispier texture.
  • Cast iron construction makes the pan durable, lightweight, and sturdy.


  • The dimension of the product is slightly smaller than those given in the description

2. ESLITE LIFE Grill Pan


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ESLITE LIFE Grill pan is a workhorse and a perfect cooking companion for grilling lovers. It is made of heavy-gauge cast aluminium, collective the benefits of traditional cookware and cast-iron pan. The material doesn’t wrap, conducts heat faster & evenly, is break-resistant and offers a stable heat distribution during cooking, thereby saving your energy and time.

A 9.5-inches grill pan with a suitable magnetized surface enables long-lasting use and instant heat transfer. Further, it is perfectly suitable for induction, gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen stoves. Since both interior and exterior coating is non-stick granite coating, the pan makes clean-up and cooking easy.

You can prepare a healthier, green, smokeless meal with little oil. For better results, it is advised you cook on low to medium heat. Speaking of design, the parallel ridges keep extra fat away from the grilled food and cook thoroughly with no burns. It enables you to get grill marks on your food with the finest grill lines. Since featuring double pour spouts, making it ideal for searing, browning onion, searing, and steaks.


  • It has heat resistant Bakelite handle that is ideal for staying cooling and grasping while cooking.
  • It is used with multiple heat sources.


  • Not found.

 3. Victoria Cast Iron Grill Pan

Victoria Cast Iron Grill Pan

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Victoria Cast Grill Pan has been owned by professional chefs and newbies for their grilling tasks. It has a greater distribution of heat and retention, ensuring even cooking. The best part, it can keep your grilled items warm for more than 15 minutes. Speaking of coating, 100 per cent Non-GMO flaxseed oil seasoning coating is free of PFOAs and PTEF that can be hazardous to health. Since featuring longer and curved handles, it is easy to hold, carry and grab the pan when cooking & serving.

Due to being versatile, you can use it as a vegetable grill pan, campfire grill pan, BBQ grill pan, Panini grill pan, serving grill pan, stove top grill, and serving plate. Additionally, it is suitable for cooking in a campfire, grill, broiler, ceramic, and oven. This square high-quality commercial iron casting for excellent heat retention and durability is easy to clean and maintain. It is the perfect cookware for indoor and outdoor grilling.


  • Seasoned with natural oil, so you are allowed to grill with no fuss.
  • The handle is longer than a traditional grill pan.


  • Size is a major concern for a user.

How To Choose The Best Grill Pan?

To get a visible grill on toast, fish or any other food, you need to have a quality pan. With tons of options available, it is difficult to determine what is best for cooking needs. So, to help out you choose the right one, we came up with all the vital factors that help to make your final choice. Let’s take a deep insight into aspects to be considered while choosing a grill pan.

1. Material

Grill pans can be made using different materials, such as aluminum, cast iron, hard-anodized aluminum, and enamelled cast iron. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Aluminum

Upgraded aluminum typically comes with a non-stick coating to work well. It quickly heats up, is lightweight, and is reactive to heat alteration, cooking food evenly. But, not all aluminium pans are compatible to use on an induction cooktop.

  • Enameled Cast Iron

It shares the same qualities as cast iron and provides all those advantages. You can maintain it well without the risk of rusting overuse, plus it is easy to clean.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron heats evenly, works perfectly on induction cooktops, and is highly durable and quite strong. Plus, it retains heat well and helps you achieve a deep grill on food. The main downside is that it is hard to maintain and clean, requiring weathering to protect it from rust and corrosion. Being the heaviest material, you may have trouble transferring food.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic with non-stick properties heats evenly and quickly, yet also flatter if left unattended, even with extreme heating.

  • Hard-Anodized Aluminum

As compared to cast iron, hard-anodized heats even faster and is easy to clean. Most hard-anodized material is coated with a non-stick base to prevent food from sticking. Talk of cons, the base is not to be heated to high flames and is prone to scratching.

2. Temperature Ranges

Temperature ranges from product to product and can be used either on a stove or in an oven. Make sure to check the maximum temperature range if you are using the pan in an oven. The temperature range for oven use should be 350 f to 500 f for its safety.

3. Pan Shape

Most grill pans have a square shape while some models are designed with a round shape. Square-shaped grill skillets provide more room to achieve a finicky grill than round-shaped pans. For example, a round skillet with a 10-inch diameter typically offers 78.5 square inches of the base, while a square pan of the same diameter has a cooking base of 100 square inches. Despite its limited room space, the biggest advantage of choosing a round pan is that they are effective in allocating heat rapidly and evenly, so you will get a nice texture.

Speaking of a square pan, it provides more surfaces for cooking a larger amount of food, but it won’t heat as evenly as a round pan. You can choose the size of the pan, depending on your needs and the amount you will be serving.

4. Handle

Before choosing a particular model, check the length of the handle. Generally speaking, the longer the handle, the less hot it will be. However, a handle will increase the weight of the pan, at the same time, it enables the user to carry and cook with ease. For hassle-free cooking and keeping your safety in mind, look for one that has two handles on either side. But, you’ll find that most pans come with a handle, which makes the pan easier to clean and manoeuvre.

For a pan with two handles, you may pay a little extra. The two handles will make moving food even easier and easier. In addition to the number of handles, check the material used to make them. Note that cast iron handles will get hot while cooking, which will require you to pay attention while cooking in it. On the other hand, metal or plastic handles remain cool to the touch but plastic handles are not oven-friendly.

5. Deep Grills

Achieving perfect grills on food can be only possible with the right pan. So, you need to consider one that features deep ridges so that you will be able to collect oil drips into these ridges. Some grill pans offer extra deep and free drain to collect those unwanted oils.

Grill Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is cooking with a grill pan good for health?

Unlike a frying pan, a grill pan is said to be even healthier and safer. With grilling, you should avoid overcooking your food until it browns and burns. Another benefit of a grill pan is that it enables healthier cooking. The raised edges on the cooking surface enable the juice and fat created by the food to circulate freely. Thus the food items made on this pan will have less fat, which is good for health.

  1. Which one is better: a frying pan versus a grill pan?

The major difference between a frying pan and a grill pan relies upon its surface. Grill pans don’t have a flat surface while frying pans have. They both offer different advantages and disadvantages. Also, they are excellent for use regularly.

  1. What is the difference between a normal pan and a grill pan?

Usually, frying pans feature a flat cooking base, whereas grill pans have a non-stick base with lifted sides. These lifted sides make grills and chars on foods. Plus, they enable them to drip oils and liquids. And the cooking base area of this pan is comparatively higher than frying pans.

  1. Is a non-stick grill pan safe?

Although most grill pans are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, or fiberglass. These are common substances used in most non-stick cooking skillets while Teflon is being added to create a slippery and smooth base. According to the FDA, PTFE is non-toxic, which is completely safe.

  1. Can I cook a steak in a grill skillet?

Short Answer: yes; to do so, you will need to preheat your grill pan over medium-high temperature until just smoking. Then spread olive oil with the help of a brush. Place steaks on griddle and cook and turn between grillings. Let it be until there are grilled marks on them.

  1. Why does meat stick to the grill pan?

After using a grill pan, food particles can leach onto the wax and harden over time. When meat is cooked on the grill, it tends to stick to the leftover meat. To clean the grate, wait until your grill is hot and clean it with a wire grill brush. This cleaning method removes the toughest food particles, keeping your grill pan clean and nice.

  1. Do I sear in a grill pan?

Luckily yes; to do so, you will need a skillet that heats uniformly and let warm no matter how thin or thick the cut of vegetable or meat is. Some grill pans are ideal for searing as they have excellent heat distribution and retention qualities.

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