3 Best Jelly Roll Pans 2023 [For Baking Sheet Cake]

Most of you, even a professional baker, might get confused between a regular half sheet baking pan and a jelly roll pan. That’s because most are built straight-up, one inch tall, and 15*19 inches versus 18*13 inches. But to make Swiss rolls and jelly, you need a dedicated pan, like a jelly roll skillet.

Unlike other regular skillets, the pan you work with can have a significant impact on the shape and results of a rolled cake, whether it’s a Yule log cake, a Swiss roll, or a jelly roll. The right jelly pans can withstand the high temperatures of the oven without cracking or wearing out, and heat evenly with minimal for a perfect result.

Best Buy Jelly Roll Pans For The Money

While choosing a pan for jelly roll, choose something that is made from either aluminized steel or pure aluminum. Aluminized steel skillet will ensure durability while aluminum is considered to be the more lightweight option. Don’t forget to check premium non-stick coating since that will help your dessert slide off without causing damage to the base of the pan. Those looking for the best pan for jelly rolls are advised to consider several aspects such as size, shape and material. For your help we tested and researched 9 jelly roll pan from the leading brands. Check out them!

1. Nordic Ware Natural Jelly Roll Pan

Nordic Ware Natural Jelly Roll Pan

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Nordic Ware established aluminum bakeware for the consumer over 15 years ago. This jelly roll pan is 100& constructed in the USA, plus made of original, uncoated natural aluminum. Pans that are constructed of premium hardened aluminum alloy offer excellently uniform heat conductivity and exploit scratch resistance. Nordic Ware Natural Jelly Roll pan recommends by most professional pastry chefs and bakeries. It is perfect for French fries, baked veggies, cookies, muffins, cakes and more.

Talk of design & construction, this standard jelly roll pan is a little tinier than half sheet bakeware. Simply put, the interior dimension and exterior dimensions are 10.5 x 15 x 1 inch and 11.3 x 15.8 x 1 inch, respectively. The aluminum offer superior heat conductivity to achieve evenly browned, consistent results. Also, it won’t ever rust and a shatterproof.

This 15.13 x 10.63 x 1.13 inches pan weighs 1.3 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry. When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, you should note that discoloration will happen due to being kept in a dishwasher. In addition to the surface, its rims are reinforced with galvanized to prevent warping.


  • This jelly roll pan lasts for a long because it is made of pure aluminum.
  • It enables you to prepare evenly browned baked goods every time.


  • The pan is quite expensive.

 2. CHEFMADE 17-Inch Baking Sheet Pan

CHEFMADE 17-Inch Baking Sheet Pan

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The carbon steel jelly roll pan by CHEFMADE is durable enough to use. At the same time, the food-grade, a non-Teflon coating is free from harmful chemicals, which are safe for your health and environment.

With this baking sheet pan, you can quickly prepare quality family dishes, banquet desserts, afternoon tea, fresh homemade family meals and other delicacies. The pan is large enough to deal with friend’s gatherings, family dinners, daily cooking, and festival celebrations.

This 0. mm, carbon steel pan has toughened edge to avoid wrapping and convenient use, ensuring a long durable life. Its premium non-stick coating offers to cook healthier food with low energy consumption and less baking time. Now talk about handles, the extended handle offers great convenience to transport and carrying pan with additional safety. Its 360-degree coverage and wider base make cleaning and releasing easy and simpler.


  • This 0.8mm carbon steel sheet pan has a faster uniform heating ability.
  • This pan lasts for a long as it is made of the most durable & sturdy material,


  • It doesn’t withstand high temperatures, as said in the description.

 3. Wilton Performance Baking Pans

Wilton Performance Baking Pans

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Wilton large jelly roll pan yet baking sheet is perfect for those people who are fond of baking jelly rolls for cakes, cookies, and brownies. This versatile, large pan has a non-stick surface for effortless cleanup and maintenance. You will need to choose something that is compatible with all types of recipes. Luckily, there is no better option than the Wilton performance baking pan as it is great for cookie bars, thin cakes, cookies, and even savoury recipes.

When it comes to pan construction, it has built from anodized aluminum that promotes even baking. And, it is completely free from rust & resistance. This large-sized jelly roll pan is super versatile so it bakes what you want to bake it with. Due to the strong, reliable construction, it resists rust and wrapping. Moreover, it ensures even heating with commercial-level performance. From now make it professional-like at home with this baking sheet.

After coating and surface, now talk about edges, this baking pan features rolled edges and sturdy sides that produce beautifully straight edges. You simply need to grease the sheet before the line with parchment or baking for, neat & easy release.


  • The smooth surface makes food release easier.
  • It is made of sturdy, reliable, premium quality anodized aluminum.


  • Bit costly.

How To Choose the Best Jelly Roll Pan?

If you are passionate about baking, you can try something unique. Yes, the jelly pans are one of the most suitable and ideal ones that can give you some delicious jelly pans. There are many people who would always love to bake food items in their house. Thus for them, jelly pans play a crucial role. These are versatile pans with a lot of capacities. They can bake, wrap and even stain any bakery products.

A buying guide for jelly rolls pans:

In this part, you will learn about the buying guide for the jelly roll pans. Through this discussion, you will get the chance to buy the best class of jelly roll pans. Let us find it out.

  • Check the size:

You must always give special preference to the size of the jelly pans. The jelly roll pans are available in various sizes and shapes. If you wish to bake in a large amount, you must elect for the larger models. However, if storage is the issue, then you can opt for a more compact model. The size of the jelly pans is much vital.

  • Examine the pan’s material:

In most cases, it is found that the material of the pan is most important. This is the time when you must check the material from which it is made. Most of them are made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. It is required to check the material of the pan to some extent for a better performance. If durability is the matter, you must go with the aluminum material. It will be a superior choice in this case. If you are not baking with a proper material it might not last for a long time. It is thus much required and important to examine the pans material to be used for a long period.

  • Check the versatility of the pan:

You need to check the versatility of the pan. To do so, you must first ensure that the pan can be used for baking, staining, and even warping. This will give you the quality of adaptability. It would help if you tried with those ones. Versatile means it should be capable enough to bake wrap and stain the food items. This will also prove his versatility to a great extent.

  • Buying the pan with a rim:

It would be great if the jelly roll pan came with a rim. The presence of a wire rim will make the pan much stronger and sturdier in nature. Even the thickened edge will still provide protection to the users while removing the pan from the oven. It will protect the fingers to a great extent.

  • Longevity:

You must also check the full price while attempting to buy it. This is because with it you can use and run the pan for a long time. The longevity of the pan is the most important thing because when you are spending money, you deserve the best. Jelly pans can last for a long time only when it is made of high-quality materials.

  • Reviews:

You must also check the reviews of the panning tool from various sites. This will give you a clear idea of the product from various sources. Reviews form an integral part of the purchase. A good review will fetch you with exact information of the product.  So, it is always best to give proper priority on the review part. It should be specific and informative at the same time.

  • Warranty period:

You must check the warranty period of the product. If it is not clearly mentioned, get it clarified from various sources. That will be the right thing because, without a warranty period, it is of no use to buy the jelly roll pans. The warranty period of the product is also vital. It will help you exchange or replace the product in the case of any issues.

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Jelly Roll Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a jelly roll pan and cookie sheet?

Cookies bake up nicely in a flat pan like a jelly roll pan. The raised border of jelly roll pans sets it apart from a traditional cookie sheet, and it’s also what made it possible to bake a huge, paper-thin cake.

  1. Are jelly roll pan and swiss pans same?

To prepare a Swiss roll (also known as a jelly roll or roulade), a narrow, rectangular sponge cake must be baked in a special tin. If you get one, you can use it for more than just Swiss rolls; in fact, they can be used as baking sheets, too.

  1. What size I should choose for a jelly roll pan?

A jelly roll pan is roughly 15.5 by 10.5 inches, making it a third-of-the-way-in-between a half- and a quarter-sheet pan. These are the pans you typically find (manufactured cheaply) in grocery shops, but high-quality options are available for a similar price.

  1. What are some of the expert tips for working a good jelly roll pan?

Use a cool rack for resting: Cakes should be cooled on a cooling rack and not the jelly roll pans. After the jelly roll cake has cooled, it will be harder to remove it from the pan. If you want to cool your sheet cake outside of the pan, you should purchase cooling racks that is the same dimensions as the jelly roll pan.

  1. How to clean a jelly roll pan?

If you scrub a jelly roll pans too hard, you could scratch the nonstick surface and ruin the pan. A combination of baking soda & white vinegar is the most effective way to clean a jelly roll pan. After 30 minutes of sitting in the mixture, wash the cake pan with soap and warm water.

  1. How to remove bakes from a jelly roll pan?

Buy a silicone mat to use in your jelly roll pan to make it less of a chore to remove baked goods from the pan and clean it afterward.

  1. Mention different uses of a jelly roll pan

The jelly roll pans can be used for several purposes. This includes:

  • For making brownies
  • Cookies
  • Dessert bars
  • Jelly rolls
  • And, roasted veggies

These pans are an ideal option to pick as they can be utilized for multiple uses, which makes it a one-stop cooking tool.

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