3 Best Lasagna Pans 2023 [For Baking Restaurant-style Lasagna]

A reliable recipe with quality ingredients can make a huge difference when it comes to cooking your lasagna, but the lasagna pan is also an important factor in the achievement. Lasagna can be both a dependable and a centerpiece staple, achieved only with the best lasagna pans. 

The pan is thoughtfully designed to deliver classic layered pasta recipes, even when cooking and eating when you hollow out the integrity of the cheese for plating. A standard lasagna pan typically measures about 2 to 3 inches in depth, which is suitable for filling at least three noodles and making sauces. To know what are 3 best lasagna pans 2023 read more.

One of the biggest benefits of cooking with a typical pan is cooking all the layers evenly, so you don’t get under-cooked or burnt sides. Consider choosing pans with higher-than-average walls to accommodate extra layers and prevent overflow.

Best Lasagna Pans Online For The Money

To cook lasagna with perfectly browned edges and tops and multiple layers, the ingredients and size of your plan play an important role. To make the right decision, you should look for the material that is used to design the lasagna pan. The wide range of options under available materials and shapes include ceramic, metal, rectangular and square. Helping you choose the best one, we tested 9 lasagna pan from the leading brands and shortlisted these selected pans.

1. Cuisinart 14-Inch Lasagna Pan: Best Overall

Cuisinart 14-Inch Lasagna Pan

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Wide flat bottoms and high slides are two essential factors when it comes to a lasagna pan. Most brands assure offering quality lasagna skillets with these two aspects in mind. One such brand is Cuisinart, offering a plethora of cookware and accessories in different sizes and for certain food items. This 6117-14, 14-inch Chef’s Classic Nonstick Lasagna Pan is perfect for making Au Gratin Potatoes, Casseroles and Lasagna layer under layer.

Since it’s a 14-inch pan, neither too big nor too small, it fits all standard ovens. Coming to the construction, premium-grade aluminum has been used to design this pan, the material is said to be long, highly durable, lightweight and strong. In addition to the material, the coating plays an important role in the best results.

Its Quantum Non-Stick Premium Cooking Base prevents food from sticking. With this pan, it is possible to make lasagna in minimal oil. Since it has riveted stainless side handles on each side of the pan, it helps to move food easily with added safety and comfort.


  • This 14-inch non-stick pan’s versatile ability allows different types of meals.
  • Stainless steel handles on both sides make food transfer from oven to tabletop easier.


  • Not found.

2. Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan: Runner Up

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan

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Chicago bakeware has been a companion in every household for more than decades and is crafted for ease of use. Professional-grade craftsmanship, quality, and sturdy design of skillets make Chicago Metallic one of the renowned brands. If you are looking forward to the unique design Lasagna Trio Pan, Model no 26783 Lasagna Trio Pan would be an excellent choice. Since it has three separate channels, you can prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a single pan creatively.

By making 3 recipes in 1 pan, you can save a lot of time and effort. In addition to Lasagna, it can be perfect for cakes, loaf bread and more. Speaking of frame construction, the Chicago Metallic pan is made of alloy, which is durable, strong, and easy to clean. It also offers even baking up to 450 degrees F and superior heat conduction. This rectangular, 12 by 16 by 3 bakeware is deep enough to get that first piece with no fuss. With each channel equal in length and width, making lasagna becomes easy and fast.


  • Its non-stick coating makes serving and clean-up easy.
  • Three separate channels enable making vegetarian and non-vegetarian at the same time


  • It is not ideal for noodles or recipes that require sauces.

3. CasaWare Ceramic Coated Roaster Pan: Considerable

CasaWare Ceramic Coated Roaster Pan

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Ceramic bakeware has gained immense popularity due to its long-lasting construction. This lasagna pan with a ceramic non-stick coating provides an unbeatable baking experience. California Proposition 64, EU and FDA approved, assuring it is PTFE, Lead, Cadmium, and PFOS free. Since it has a special blue-colored granite ceramic coating, it makes food easy to get off the surface of the pan. Not only performance, its high function and attractive design will amaze you, as well as complement your kitchen interior. The outer base of the skillet is coated with a high heat non-stock blue granite paint finish, which enhances the overall look of the entire pan.

Available in four attractive colors, red, blue and rose gold, silver, you will be free to choose one that complements your cookware collection. This 13 x 10 x 3 inches weighs 1.55 pounds, making the pan lighter & portable. The scratch-resistant and durable base also withstand high temperatures and doesn’t scratch in high flames. Important note: it is safe for oven use, and hand wash cleaning is recommended.


  • Since it is being offered in different colors, you will get the option to choose the one that suits your preference.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and certified for being safe.


  • Not ideal for baking food in large quantities.

How To Choose The Best Lasagna Pan?

Preparing a Lasagna at home is not a game for kids. It requires a lot of skills as well as knowledge of perfect cooking.

So, the best kind of utensil you are going to need Is a Lasagna pan, and that is available nowadays on both online and offline markets. But, you have to get the perfect one, and that is possible by considering the points given below.

1. Consider depth

If you want to have the perfect Lasagna, you will require a Lasagna pan of accurate depth. The size is also one the most important things to consider according to the people for which you want to cook food but, apart from this, the depth plays a very crucial role.

It would help if you considered purchasing a Lasagna pan, which measures almost 9 x 13 inches in length and 2 to 3 inches in depth. It is the best and the ideal size and depth for cooking non-vegetarian and vegetarian Lasagna.

2. Consider your type of cooking

For most people, Lasagna is not the only item which they cook in a Lasagna pan, but they go for other recipes as well. For instance, people prefer baking in the Lasagna pan, and therefore, the size must be ideal according to it.

Also, for some people, it may be an ideal utensil for cooking and roasting chicken. So, you should always consider the type of cooking you will do in the Lasagna pan to get the ideal one.

3. Do you go for foil or paper?

Most the Lasagna pan is nonstick, but some people still prefer to put some inner lining while cooking inside it. So, you should purchase the Lasagna pan according to it. If you are a person who likes putting an inner lining in your Lasagna pan, perhaps you should consider the even nonstick one.

On the other hand, if you prefer cooking without an inner lining of paper or foil inside the Lasagna pan, perhaps you can go with the nonstick one that does not let the food stick inside.

4. Your preferred layering

Choosing the perfect Lasagna pan is only possible if you also consider checking if your preferred type of layering is suitable for the one you are purchasing. Some people think making only one layer of cheese and veg and non-vegetarian items in the Lasagna pan.

However, others prefer going for the triple or even four layers of food items that they want to cook in the Lasagna pan. So, it has a lot of impact on the Lasagna pan you purchase. Go with the pan that can help you cook the most perfect and tasty Lasagna according to your needs.

5. Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are also crucial when purchasing a Lasagna pan. It is because you do not want to buy something that requires a lot of time to clean. It must be straightforward to clean and nonstick so that you do not waste time in its cleaning.

So, always consider the maintenance time required. Also, prefer buying sustainable ones that have a longer lifespan. Replacing the Lasagna pan soon that you have used only a few times a month could be a hustling and costly task.

6. Stay cool, handle knobs

It is quite an essential element when you are purchasing a Lasagna pan. When you prepare Lasagna in the oven, the handles tend to become hot. So, you would have to wait for a longer time to get them to cool down.

However, there are a few available on the market which has instantly cooling handle knobs. It will be a suitable one for the people who are always in a hurry and get their hands burnt due to the hot handle knobs of the Lasagna pan.

Lasagna Pans Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about lasagna pan:

  1. Do I need a lid in lasagna pan?

It is not required that you buy lasagna pans with a cover, but it is useful to have. For the most part, you’ll need to cover your dish before placing it in the oven, but aluminum foil makes this task a breeze. Again, aluminum foil and plastic wrap will do the trick for storing lasagna in the fridge or freezer.

It would be simpler to keep your baking dish organized if it has a matching lid. However, not all the lids are suitable for use in the oven, so it’s vital to check the specifications before using them.

Indeed, it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of them won’t be. Use them for storing items, but not baking.

  1. How to do layering of lasagna in its pan?

Traditional lasagna is made by layering noodles, meat, and cheese three times. Most commonly, tomato sauce is used as the base, and then noodles, cheese, and meat are layered three times for classic lasagna. Vegetable sauce can stand in for meat sauce in a vegetarian lasagna, while eggplant and tofu can provide additional protein.

The ricotta and cottage cheese layers can be swapped out for vegan cheese and tofu crumble, and the other ingredients can be adapted accordingly to make vegan lasagna.

  1. Is it necessary to grease lasagna pan?

While it’s not always necessary to grease a pan before baking a saucy casserole, we do recommend doing so before baking lasagna. Greasing the pan, especially if you’re using metal or cast-iron, will help keep the cheese or noodles from sticking even though the tomato sauce would assist keep the rest of the food from sticking.

While pans made of enamel, ceramic, stoneware, or glass are less prone to cause sticking, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Greasing the pan is optional for baking most casseroles, but highly recommended when baking lasagna or any sauce-heavy dish.

Even though the sauce would help to prevent sticking, greasing the skillet. Glass, stoneware, ceramic, and enamel pans are less likely to cause sticking.

  1. How many servings can be done in a standard lasagna pan?

A regular 13″ x 9″ lasagna pan should be adequate for about 8 servings, as a rule of thumb. Those with larger appetites would eat more, while those with smaller frames may eat less.

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