3 Best Paella Pans 2023 [Made For Multipurpose Cooking]

There are various versions of Valencia’s main course dish, namely paella, including mixta, marisco, Valenciana, vegetarian and negra. It is a rice dish that also contains saffron and proteins such as seafood or chicken. People use wide, big and shallow pan to serve this dish. These pans provide maximum surface space which enables the liquid to disappear and form a more crisp golden crust than ever on the bottom. However, depending on the number of people you are serving, be your plan on cooking style & space, and cooktop, the type of pan varies.

Paella pans, these days, are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or enamelled steel, and all are sturdy enough for use on a gas cooktop. If you use an electric, induction or ceramic cooktop, you need a paella pan that has a flat bottom to transport the temperature evenly. For outdoor cooking or cooking with gas, you need something that has a round bottom. In addition to material, you should also focus on size based on the number of people you plan to serve. In general, a paellera is a versatile pan that can be used for a variety of dishes that require a large, shallow cooking surface.

Best Paella Pans For The Money

To choose the best paella pan among the multiple options, we researched and shortlisted some of the best ones for you. Let’s take a look:

1. Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan: Best Overall

Lodge carbon steel paella pan

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The Lodge carbon steel paella pan’s handle is securely fastened to the pan’s body with three rivets arranged in a triangle. The handle of this pan rises from the base at the same inclination as the pan’s sides, before making a sharp turn. From there, the handle curves somewhat rather than being fully flat, making it easier to grip, and a hole in the form of a teardrop at the handle’s end allows it to be hung.

In the vicinity of that notch, you’ll find the Lodge’s emblem imprinted into the handle. At first, the pan’s handle appeared too lengthy in relation to the rest of the skillet, but we soon adjusted to it.

Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan Versatile in use

This is carbon steel that has been pre-seasoned to avoid corrosion before shipment. It may be used right away without any more seasoning, but we decided to add some just in case. The pan’s initial color was a dark grayish brown, which deepened as it cooked. After a lot of cooking, one can anticipate that the pan will be as dark as their favorite cast-iron skillets.


  • Pre-seasoned skillet
  • Made up of best material
  • Good heating capacity


  • It’s not pretty in terms of looks

2. Machika Paella Pan

Machika paella pan

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The carbon steel used in its construction is of the highest quality and allows for rapid and equal heating, essential for cooking dishes like paella. This pan is reliable and long-lasting despite being made of a thin, lightweight material. It is also ideal for preparing paellas due to their hard bottoms, which are the result of a novel hammered dimple technique.

Beautiful 20-inch (50-cm) paella pan with enough room for 14 diners. Your paella will be the talk of the party and your new pan will be the focus of attention.

pan use on gas oven

Water and detergent may be used to clean the item after usage. Dry the pan right away with a soft towel to preserve its shiny appearance. To preserve the pan from rusting, lightly grease it with cooking oil, cover it in paper, & store it in a plastic bag in a dry, secure place.

They are Valencian paella pans that are imported from Spain. To provide you the best paella pans possible, Machika collaborated with Garcima, Spain’s leading paella maker since the 1920s. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions while using it.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable pan
  • Perfect for cooking
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


  • It’s not dishwasher safe

3. Garcima Paella Pans

Garcima paella pans

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When it comes to paella pans many of the experts feel that Garcima is your best option and not only because of the price, because of its working as well. This 15-inch pan made of carbon steel effectively distributes heat, can be used for a variety of purposes, and can feed anywhere from three to five people. If you don’t have access to a grill but still want to prepare paella in the microwave, “it’s ideal for a Weber grill,” an expert suggests.

This huge paella pan is made of carbon steel and is among the most practical options available. The cooking area is healthier than nonstick, yet it cleans up easily.

heat evenly on my electric cooktop

The tiny pan is very sturdy and long-lasting thanks to its hammered dimpled bottom. The grips are constructed of steel and finished in a bright red color. Some paella fans believe that using carbon steel, the traditional material, improves the dish’s taste.

Care for this pan is similar to that of any raw steel pan: wipe it dry immediately after cleaning, and then apply some vegetable oil inside to avoid rusting. You can easily remove any rust from a pan by rubbing it with steel wool.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Good size


  • It may rust soon

How To Choose The Best Paella Pan?

Paella pans are the most important kitchen tools. It can help in more effective cooking jobs. A paella pan is the one that comes with a flat surface and a sloping edge. If we look back, you will come to know that these pans were originally made of iron. But now you can get paella pans of various materials.

In this part, you will learn about the buying guide for paella pans. This will help you get the right one for making food. Let us check out some of the vital ones.

1. Check the pan size:

You must always check the pan size as much as possible. Most paella pans come in a size that ranges from 14 to 16 inches. But if you are looking for the bigger ones, you can also opt for that. This is why the size of the pan matters to a considerable extent. If the requirement is good, you can go for the larger ones. They are also available in the market and you can buy it accordingly.

2. The pan’s material is:

You must also check the material of the pan before buying it. The majority of paella pans are made of carbon steel, enameled steel, or stainless steel. However, out of this, the thermal heating of the carbon steel is the biggest. This is why it is suggested to opt for that. It will give you a better service. If you want rust-free pans, then you can opt for the enameled steel pans. There are ample types of pan’s material that is found in the market.  You can select the one as per your requirement.

3. Check the cook top of the pans:

You must also check the cook top of the pans. It is the most important. Many people ignore it and then face issues. The cook top is one of the key parts of the pans. It can allow you to view the product that is being cooked. On the other hand, in many cases the cook top is available in steel material. They can be sturdy and can be used for a long time.

4. Check the pan handles:

It is also crucial to check the handles of the pans. They need to be sturdy and strong enough. It must be good for the cook to lift the pan from one place to another. Therefore, it should be available with strong handles. Avoid buying the ones that do not come with handles. If the handles are not strong it can cause accident at any point in time.

5. Customer Feedback

You must first visit various sites that deal with reviews. It is through the review that you can acquire good knowledge about the specific product. Always try to visit the reliable sites or the ones that are popular for reviews. It can provide you with the best set of information. At present there are many sites that will help you with a perfect review report.  Review report can easily help the buyer to know a detailed analysis about the product. It should be given much importance and preference on the review part.

6. Cost

You must also inquire about the exact price of the pan from various sources. It may happen that there are manufacturers who will charge you a high price for the pan. This can be a loss on your end. It would be beneficial if you checked the same.

7. Warranty period

When buying a paella pan, it is crucial to check the warranty period of the same. This can be done when the manufacturer provides the correct warranty period. It may happen that the pan or its handle may break, or there may be issues with its base. So, the warranty period is mandatory. It is not much essential to opt for the warranty period and inquire about the same.

Paella Pan Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to choose a right paella pan?

The typical maximum size for a household cooktop is 20 – 22 inches. The typical maximum size for an oven is 17 to 18 inches. Most 26-inch pans will fit on a standard outdoor barbecue. The gas paella burners can accommodate pans up to 40 inches in diameter, giving you the precise temperature control you need to make your paella just right every time.

Q2. Which pan material should I go for?

We have a wide variety of pans since we know that every material and design has its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has various requirements and objectives, thus there is no “best” material.

The most common kind of steel used nowadays is carbon steel. Being a reactive metal, it may have a modest advantage in speed of heat conduction, and some individuals may find that it gives the paella a more pleasing flavor.

Stainless steel pans with a mirror surface are stunning, and they are perfect for both cooking and giving as gifts. They require little in the way of upkeep.

Enameled steel pans are also a good choice to go for.

Q3. Do I need a lid in paella pan?

In fact, paella is never cooked with a lid. Yet, they are sought after by a select few. The largest aluminum lid measures 22 inches in circumference.

Q4. How deep are these paella pans?

As a result, paella pans are designed to be shallow so that the rice can cook in a uniform layer for optimal flavour. Depending on the size, the depth will be between 1 3/4 inches and 3 inches. Please send us an email if you need specific dimensions, such as the depth of a given size.

Q5. How to clean a paella pan?

Carbon steel cookware will rust if washed in the dishwasher. Stainless steel and enameled pans can withstand the dishwasher, but they will hold up better if washed by hand.

The simplest method is as follows: Put the soiled pan in a sink full of water (approximately 1/2 inch deep) and let it there overnight. When finished, drain the water and scrub the leftover residue with a gentle sponge and dish soap. It can be readily removed.

Q6. Can I use my paella pan in the oven or in grills?

All of our pots and pans are safe for use in the oven, on a gas and charcoal grill, over an open flame, or on any indoor stovetop.

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