3 Best Pizza Pans 2023 [To Bake Perfect Pizza]

There is hardly anyone who does not like pizza, but no one can buy pizza every day by putting a load in your pocket? If you too want to satisfy your daily pizza-eating urge and are eager to try healthy pizza recipes then get Pizza Pan. These round-shaped pans give your homemade pizzas a better crunchy & crispy base. The right pizza pan will get you the desirable taste, crunch & toppings at home; also it doesn’t require much upkeep and maintenance, even more, affordable for more casual pizza makers.

They can be made of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, or a mix of steel and aluminum.  However, there are numerous unique styles and kinds of pizza skillets available. Each pan has different qualities & characteristics but the purpose is the same. Depending on the type of pizza you would like to serve, the type & size of the pan varies. If you wish to bake a crunchy pizza, you should go with the lighter option but with a higher gauge like 22 or 26. You should go for a thicker pan, like a 14 gauge to make dough crustier.

Best Buy Pizza Pans For The Money

To help you choose the best one, we tested 9 pizza pans from the different brands and come up with some of the best pizza pans. Let’s quickly take a look:

1. Amercian METALCRAFT Pizza Pan: Best Overall

Amercian METALCRAFT Pizza Pan

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American Metalcraft has crafted premium-grade cookware for the food service industry since 1947. The brand offers a product for buffet service, fine dining, and pizza supplies for hotels, restaurants, resorts and clubs. With this quality pan, you can bake & serve restaurant-like thin pizzas with a thick crust.  It is made of quality 18-gauge aluminum for long-lasting durability and even heating. This material is strong enough, does not contain harmful chemicals, and can distribute heat evenly so food will cook finely.

This 15.95″D x 16″W x 0.35″H, silver pizza pan is ideal for all pizza makers. Perfect for home and restaurant use, pizzas will make perfect with this pizza rim. Since it is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 6-inch to 20-inch, meaning you are allowed to choose your desired size from the variation. This 0.75 pounds sturdy pan has a reliable base and offers effortless baking. Designed and crafted in India, this pizza pan can become your good pizza companion.


  • Since available in different sizes, you will be free to choose what suits your needs.
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum has used to design this pizza rim.


  • According to one user, Indian pizza pans are a quarter smaller in size than USA pans.

2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware: Runner Up

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware

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Cuisinart is a popular brand in China, but most buyers are concerned about the quality of Chinese products. When it comes to bakeware by a Chinese brand named Cuisinart, it has known for its unbeatable quality. This bakeware is ideal for every baking enthusiast and professional baker. This 14-inch pizza pan is made of heavy-duty aluminized steel to offer consistent baking results, and even heat distribution.

Since it features a non-stick finish both inside and out, ensuring easy cleanup and food drops. The frame come with extra thick and rolled edges, preventing warping and making the transfer of pizza slices easier. Add favourite toppings over the base, and the pan is simply ready to put in the oven to bake.

Now let’s come to the cleaning, maintenance and upkeep, as it is made of aluminium, free from rust, dishwasher safe, and ensures you a lifetime of performance.


  • Effortless cleaning can be possible with a heavy gauge aluminium pizza pan.
  • It can last for a long.


  • Stuffing stuck in a hollow design pizza pan can be a problem.

3. Wilton 12-Inch Pizza Pans: Considerable

Wilton 12-Inch Pizza Pans

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Baking can be distressing when you plan an event, party, or get-together. At this point, it’s impossible to make pizza with a single pizza pan for a large crowd. If you too are facing a similar problem, this two-pizza pan set is perfect for you. These round pizza pans by Wilton are constructed of premium quality steel that prevents warping and bakes pizzas evenly.

The durable steel and the non-stick coating are perfect for easy release, with no fuss. Another notable thing about them is that they have a wide edge which makes for a convenient handle to get a firm and secure grip even when wearing oven mitts.

The set contains 2 pizza pans with a dimension of 12.25 x 0.5 in. (31.11 x 1.27 cm). With the assurance of a five-year warranty, you are free to return or exchange your product. You have to take care of these pans for better results. Furthermore, they’re far easier to clean as they’re dishwasher safe. However, the alloy steel construction makes these pans durable, lightweight, rust-free, long-lasting and strong.


  • They come with a 5-year of warranty.
  • They have large handles to carry & hold.


  • The biggest drawback is that they are not suitable for smaller ovens.

How To Choose The Best Pizza Pan?

Choosing the right pizza pan can be a daunting task, especially for those who are buying it for the first time. When it comes to the best pizza pan, there are many factors to consider. These include ease of cleaning, material, size, type, ease of cleaning, and more. Here are some of the most important functions and aspects to look out for when buying a pizza pan for your restaurant or home kitchen.

1. Types of Pizza Pan

Before going for a product you like, understand whether or not it meets your requirements. Therefore, it is essential to explore the different options be it design, type, shape or size. When it comes to pizza pan types, there are multiple options available with having own unique features and characteristics. Let us discuss.

  • Aluminum Pizza Pan

Aluminum or anodic-hardening pizza skillets have a premium-quality non-stick coating and are heavy gauge steel. They come in three different sizes and are designed to be used as a single piece as well. However, they are not designed for preparing gourmet pizzas.

And, an aluminum pizza pan is best for baking all your favorite pizza recipes. But, the pan should not be hot while baking pizza as it will warp and crack due to being at high temperatures. Thus, it is advised to choose a heavier pan because of its heat distribution quality and heavyweight which offers you browned bottom on your pizza.

  • Sicilian Pizza Pan

The Sicilian pizza pan is the most popular type of pizza skillet due to its round, deep frame. The Sicilian has a reliable non-stick coating that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like Teflon or PTFE. Most of the pans in this range have a sturdy base, made of an organic material that smudges and resists stains. Plus, it won’t let food stick to it.

  • Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Detroit style pizza pans with a square shape typically measure 10 * 14 inches. With its flared sides, you will be allowed to spread the dough well. This type of pan for pizza is easy to clean and gives you great convenience. You can use it in temperatures up to 700 degrees, making it ideal for any kitchen oven.

When it comes to preparing homemade pies, it’s essential to consider the right size of Detroit pan. For example, the sizable Detroit Pan enables the user to prepare the crust crunchier. Simply put, to prepare a smaller pie, you should use a larger size. There are also some rectangular shapes available for smaller pizzas in this range. However, using square pans will not achieve your desired crispy crust, so choose accordingly.

  • Steel

Due to having a solid surface and properties of not being rust, steel is the choice of most. Most steel pan features a smooth base that makes them ideal for baking rolled pizza dough. They are double as a serving tray and easy to clean, even in a dishwasher. If you look for a pan that helps you achieve crispier crust through even heating, this would be an excellent choice. Usually, a steel pizza pan features a sieve hole design, which will enhance the crispiness of the bottom crust.

  • Non-Stick

In addition to the different shapes and designs, look at the coating of the pan. There are many non-sticks available with thick aluminum frames that won’t crack or corrode and are commonly referred to as basic flat sheets. Whereas tin-plated aluminum pans are durable, reliable and lightweight and come with the same non-stick surface as the previous ones. If you are looking for the best non-stick pan to make a grilled base, this would be a better option.

  • Deep Holed pan

A deep holed pan comes with several holes, which make it faster and uniform to cook, so you can achieve a crispy base. It is designed for preparing thin-crust pizzas.

2. Handles

The handle is a crucial aspect, as well as convenient addition when it comes to a pizza pan. They add to the pan’s functionality and are generally shaped like a loop. Handles will assure you can safely work with a pan and offer you a great grip to move and transfer food.

3. Ease of Cleaning

A non-stick pan should be hand-washed with a soft sponge, warm water or damp cloth. No matter what type of pan you choose, avoid use of hard sponges and harsh detergents. And, before cleaning, don’t forget to read the cleaning instructions.

Pizza Pan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main difference between a pizza stone and pizza pan?

The conventional pizza pan is a thin, circular pan made of metal, such as aluminum or aluminized steel. Essentially, a pizza pan is a spherical baking sheet; however some varieties feature perforations for easier draining.

Pizza stones are heavy metal or stone slabs that are used instead of standard baking pans because of their superior heat retention and conduction properties. Pizza crust texture is mostly determined by how long it is exposed to heat during the cooking process. Since home ovens can’t become as hot as the pizza ovens of wood-fired, pizza stones are often used by pizza enthusiasts to get results that are as close as possible to those achieved at a pizzeria. In comparison to traditional pizza pans, pizza stones are more expensive and more technical to use.

  1. How to clean a pizza pan?

Knowing the material of your pizza pan and following the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning it will yield the greatest results.

Pizza pans with nonstick coatings shouldn’t be cleaned in a dishwasher since the high temperatures and harsh detergents might damage the coating, rendering the pan useless. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners on them. To clean these “easy-to-clean” pans, simply use a sponge as well as some soapy water.

Many people prefer to use their dishwashers to clean their stainless steel pizza pans. However, to be extra cautious, read the product’s instructions first.

Never use a lot of water to clean a cast-iron or pre-seasoned skillet. A damp towel is all that is needed to give them a quick wipe down. In no other way will you be able to keep its seasoning and avoid any stains.

  1. Is it safe to use aluminum pizza pans?

The use of aluminum in the kitchen is safe. However, this can be easily broken, and cutting it with metal utensils could release tiny bits of aluminum into your meal. Therefore, care must be made so as not to scrape the surface of the aluminum.

  1. Can I store pizza pans easily?

Storage space in your kitchen is at a premium, but most pizza pans are small enough to fit in a cabinet. However, you need think about the type of non-stick coating on your pizza pan. Don’t let your pizza pan touch anything that could scratch its nonstick surface, such a knife or fork.

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