3 Best Roasting Pans 2023 [For Vegetables, Turkey & Chicken]

A good roasting pan is an important piece of cookware and a useful asset for those who love to eat roasted vegetables, beef, chicken, or any other poultry item. When organizing dinners, get together, or Christmas parties a roasting pan is a must-have object for cooking huge cuts of meat like whole poultry, ham, and prime rib. They are the dedicated pot to cook suitable one-dish meals or different vegetables. Sometimes, it can also be used for smoking a large amount of meat on the grill.

When choosing a roasting pan, you need to make sure that the pan you’re going to choose is versatile enough and capable of evenly distributing heat from the oven to the stovetop for making sauces and deglazing. Also, make sure to be strong and sturdy. Factors like the pan shape, pan size, and types of material used can help in choosing one that suits your cooking style.

Roasting Pan

Best Buy Roasting Pans For The Money

Today, most roasting pans are rectangular, with a wide base of two handles and a rack. The rack elevates the chicken, duck or chicken that you prefer, allowing for the ability to easily store pan drippings and for thorough browning. Being a versatile utensil, it can be used as a saucepan or can be placed on the stovetop for searing meat. We tested 13 roasting pans from the leading cookware brands. Let’s take a look at some of the best roasting pans.

1. Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan: Best Overall

Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan

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Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 6 Pounds
Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
Product Size 17 x 13 x 6.5 inches

First, on the list, we have the Circulon 17 Inch X 13 Inch Nonstick Roasting Pan. For those looking for a versatile roasting fan, the Circulan Pan would be an excellent choice, as it can handle anything from lip-smacking rib roasts. Non-vegetarian lovers should not miss the chance to try this pan. Since this is a large roaster, you can easily accommodate roasts and turkeys up to 25 lbs.

It also comes with a convenient chrome-plated U-shaped rack that keeps the meat away from the bottom of the pan so that unwanted fat drips down to the bottom of the roast. The rack is made of premium-grade steel and offers long-lasting durability and balanced heat distribution for excellent cooking performance. Speaking of the skillet construction, alloy steel and high-quality non-stick make the overall frame sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

Plus, it’s perfect for easy clean-up, and food release. Being PFOA-free & non-stick, the pan prevents food from sticking to its base. Do not scrub it with harsh scrubs for best results and excellent performance, . Best of all, it’s safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for cooking savory meals like roast beef, ham, turkey, and chicken.


  • Riveted, wide handles make transfer easy from counter to oven to table.
  • One of the best performance pans helps in preparing healthy food.


  • According to a user, the non-stick coating peeled off after one use.

2. Farberware Roaster with Flat Rack: Runner Up

Farberware Roaster with Flat Rack

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Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 3 Pounds
Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Product Size 16 x 11.25 x 2.5 inches

Farberware offers performance, reliability and value for the cooking enthusiast with each cookware type. One such piece of reliable and durable bakeware is the 11-inch by 15-inch Non-Stick Roaster with Flat Rack. In addition to preparing legs of lamb, pork, and small turkeys, it is also suitable for roasting vegetables and fish. The heavy-duty steel frame heats evenly to help eliminate hot spots and resists warping.

Moreover, it features a flat removable roasting rack, which occupies minimal space and makes storage & clean-up easy. When it comes to a roasting pan, the non-stick coating is one of the essential factors. This pan is non-stick inside and out, making food fall easily and clean up quickly.

Pans with a sturdy chrome-plated handle are perfect for easy transport and a confident grip. Since it is oven safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it will make a great addition to your bakeware collection. This 11-inch by 15-inch non-stick roaster with a flat rack helps you prepare restaurant dishes like ham, roast, and more.


  • This USA-engineered roaster with a flat rack is durable & sturdy enough.
  • This skillet has multiple uses, from baking seafood to vegetarian meals.


  • Not found.

3. Cuisinart 7117-16UR Roaster with Rack: Considerable

Cuisinart 7117-16UR Roaster with Rack

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Material Stainless Steel
Item Weight 7 Pounds
Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
Product Size 6.25 x 20.75 x 13.25 inches

Cuisinart is a reputed brand because they ensure quality, performance, and durability. One such product that will like the most is this Cuisinart 7117- 16UR, a vital piece of bakeware for holiday celebrations, parties, family dinners, and occasions. This 6.25 x 20.75 x 13.25 inches has been designed to hold chickens, turkeys, and large roasts.

Talking about the construction, this rectangular roaster pan is made from premium grade, high-performance stainless steel. This steel rack is relatively large for handling a large batch of food. Plus, it has riveted stainless steel handles, which makes transporting in, and taking out, of the oven, hassle-free and safe. Speaking of the rack, the rack is solid and enables the heat to transfer and release the poultry and meat as it cooks.

The next point is the measurement, the pan measures 16.8 in length, 12.8 in width, and 3.4 high. With the rack, it measures 21.1 in length, 12.8 in width, and 5.8 high. The lifetime warranty that comes with the product assures that you will be free to return or repair the product at any time.


  • A stainless steel frame is considered to be durable, strong, and rust-free.
  • Pan with heat surround technology offer even heat distribution.


  • It is not suitable for stovetop as per user.

How To Choose The Best Roasting Pan?

The roasting pans come with some unique features that can make roasting much easier and comfortable. In this part, you will learn about some of the buying guide for the roasting pans. Let us explore it.

1. Performance of the roasting pans

It is important to check and go through the performance of the roasting pans. Always look for the roasting pans that help to brown the meat with a perfect taste. You can elect the pan that comes with a professional design and stainless exterior. It will help in a better preparation of the roasted meat.

2. Go for the versatile pans

You need to buy a roasting pan that comes with rack. This will allow you to prepare or roast the meat with a perfect delicacy. On the other hand, you can also select the pan that has a robust body or rustles-stainless body. They must also have the capacity to withstand or tolerate any heat or temperature.

3. Versatile pan

The pan needs to be versatile in all aspects. This means it should have a sturdy body, It must help in making delicious dishes and in addition to this, you must see to the matter that they can be easily cleaned and washed by the users. If it is possible you must also check that it comes with a non-stick surface. This will allow you to easily prepare the yummy roasted meats.

4. High-quality materials

It is also required to see that the roasted pan must be made with high-quality materials. This will help you to use the pan for an extended period of time. if required you can also inquire about the materials of the product or the ingredients required or involved in the preparation of the roasting pans.

5. Design of the roasting pans

It is also required to check or prefer buying the roasting pans that come with innovative designs. This will enhance the look of the kitchen and will also help you to prepare the best roasted meat for your family. This is good about the pan.

6. Check the reviews

It is also required to check the reviews about the roasting pans from various official sites. There are numerous such sites that will furnish you with the best possible information’s. But be aware of checking the reviews from reliable sites. Never go with the fake ones. They will mislead with all sorts of wrong information’s. At present most people prefer to watch or go through the reviews before attempting to buy a new product. The same is applicable for the roasting pans also.

7. Check the price

In the next step, you must also inquire about the price of the roasting pan from various places. Different companies may charge different price for the same product. You must inquire about the same from various places. This will give you a proper idea about the price of the product.

8. Warranty period

The most important thing to follow or check while buying a roasting pan is to check the guarantee period. The guarantee period must be between six months to one year. If it is below that period, you must avoid buying such a product. It will be a bad buy and you will never feel or get any satisfaction.

Finally, You will get many people who always prefer to have roast meats. It is one of the most favorite items that are available during any special period. But to make such meats you need to have a proper roasting pan. It will help you in the best preparation of the roast meats.

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Roasting Pans Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Shouldn’t I Choose The Biggest Roasting Pan?

Ans: When it comes to the roasting pans, the biggest isn’t always the best. You should be picking a roasting pan as per your requirements, but you shouldn’t ignore the size of the pan. A roasting pan should be at least big enough to hold a minimum of 14 pounds of turkey without the whole dish touching the sides of the pan. And it should be big enough that the air keeps circulating during the roasting or cooking process. However, it shouldn’t be too big that the juice of the dish burns out because there’s too much space in the pan. If you go with a pan size of 16 x 13 inches, you’ll be good for the most part.

Q2. A Roasting Pan With Rack Is Always A Good Choice?

Ans: Racks in roasting pans are somewhat controversial. People who have been using traditional roasting pans, don’t actually support the concept of racks in roasting pans. However, racks are a good way to make turkey, chicken, or pork with the right amount of moisture. The racking feature in a pan also makes the overall air circulation way better than the traditional pans. But there’s a downside to this as well, food tends to stick with the rack making it much harder for you to clean and use the pan for next time.

Q3. Should I Choose A Roasting Pan Without A Non-Stick Surface?

Ans: Many of you would support the fact that a non-stick surface for a roasting pan is not an advantage. While roasting or cooking something in a roasting pan, you want the juices of the dish to get a deep flavor, and a non-stick surface of a pan does exactly the opposite. However, it is a very personal choice, you can for sure go with a pan that comes with a non-stick surface, it’ll definitely help you with cleaning.

Q4. Why Should You Also Focus On The Side Height Of A Roasting Pan?

Ans: Many people usually ignore the side height factor of a roasting pan when choosing from a variety of options. In our opinion, if the side height of the pan is very shallow then you’ll have a hard time cooking dishes with lots of juices. Well, some dishes require a water bath or juice bath, therefore, you won’t be able to do it without any spillage. Therefore, it is always great to be on the safe side when it comes to the side height of a pan.

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