3 Best Sheet Pans 2023 [For Baking Pastries, Rolls, Cookies]

When you’re the host of a grand party and preparing desserts for multiple guests, or working in a restaurant, baking sheets are a must-have for all kitchens. They’re built-in with a wide base and slight edge, perfect for tossing sides like crunchy Brussels spruce or baking bread like focaccia.

In addition to baking all kinds of cakes or baking cookies, you can use it to evenly roast vegetables and chicken and collect pie drippings on the bottom. Being one of the most versatile piece of bakeware, a sheet pan has become essential.

Today, these pans are available in a variety of sizes, made of stainless steel or aluminum, with or without a non-stick coating. Even so, they come with or without rims, and each style has its advantages. But most prefer to use rimmed sheets because of their versatility. The rim Keeps juices and oil from roasting vegetables and meats and enables you to move food around without it sliding on the bottom of your oven.

Best Buy Sheet Pans For The Money

Since it is available in a wide variety of materials, you will have a lot of options to choose from. But, it can be hard to know which one is best? To help you out, we tested 14 baking sheet pan from the leading brands and compiled a list of some of the best sheet pans.

1. Nordic Ware Baker’s Big Baking Sheet: Best Overall

Nordic Ware Baker's Big Baking Sheet

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Material Aluminum
Item Weight 2.01 pounds
Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Product Size 21 x 15 x 1 inches

Unlike standard sheets available in the market, Nordic Ware baker is an extra-large capacity pan holding more food. With this large baking sheet, you can bake more in each batch. Speaking of construction, the Nordic baking sheet is made of a specific toughened aluminum alloy that maximizes scratch resistance and offers uniform heat conductivity, thus foods bake evenly and brown. Since featuring reinforced encapsulated steel rim, they add toughness and prevent warping.

This is the pan that will beat rust and ensure a lifetime of durability. Whether you would plan to bake savory or sweet dishes, this will make your true baking companion. Engineered and directly supplied from the USA, the Nordic baking sheet with a non-porous natural aluminum design offers economical non-stick performance. Parchment paper and silicone baking mat compatible with this 901 grams baking sheet are thin and large enough to keep in a small size oven. It is one of the versatile baking pans on this list that ensures durability and even heat distribution.


  • Being made of pure aluminum, which will never corrode or crack due to corrosion.
  • USA-constructed cookware can lasts for a long.


  • Aluminum reacts with acidic ingredients, which may corrode, darken or pit the skillet after long-term use.

2. Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Pan: Runner Up

Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Pan

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Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 1.6 Pounds
Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
Product Size 0.66 x 9 x 13 inches

Bakeware set from Wilton designed to help you bake the most out of your sweet treats. Not only that, but you can also prepare a layered sheet cake with great ease. This set can be used to serve sheet cake with a yummy custard, fruit filling, mouse center or buttercream. If you are looking for a party-sized pan for serving treats in a great amount, Wilton layered pan would be an excellent option.

This Charcoal sheet set includes 2 Oblong Sheet pans, each pan measures 9 inches x 13 inches x 0.75 inches & weighs 1.6 pounds. The non-stick coating surface used to design its base is scratch-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. Additionally, this will enable your food to pop out or slide easily, making food release and cleanup almost effortless. These are quality cookware that one must-have for their kitchens. With this layers sheet cake pan, you won’t feel hassle while cleaning and baking.


  • The size of the pan is appropriate for baking treats in huge quantities.
  • It is the perfect skillet for baking layered cakes.


  • The brand should improve the pan edges.

3. Nutrichef Red Silicone Handles: Considerable

Nutrichef Red Silicone Handles

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Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 2.8 pounds
Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
Product Size 17.1 x 11.8 x 0.67 inches

Nutrichef baking sets contain small, medium, and a large pans. This is a stylish, flexible, non-stick carbon steel bakeware set. Silicone handles add protection & safety. Speaking of construction, these pans are made from the non-stick coating and carbon steel that help you in roasting, toasting and baking for years. This durable construction makes the pan suitable for the refrigerator, oven, and freezer.

Further, its non-stick coating is PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA free and is perfect for easy cleaning, food release, tossing and healthy cooking. The best part, the overall frame is stain-resistant and dishwasher. Due to having large room space, you can easily prepare desserts or treats in a large batch at a time.

Plus, the non-stick coating eliminates the need for oil, butter, or cooking spray. It would also make for a smooth and quick release. Also, it does not leave any smell or strange smell. The thing that separates the baking set from other heat and silicone handles that help takes the baking pan out of the oven.


  • The silicone handles don’t heat and make food transfer easy with added safety.
  • Three different pan sizes in one set are great for baking treats for a whole crowd.


  • Not found.

How To Choose The Best Sheet Pans

Sheet Pans

Every commercial kitchen should have a sheet pan on hand at all times. All of these terms refer to the same versatile cooking vessel that can be used for everything from cooking meats and roasting veggies to baking bread & pastries. A sheet pan selection can be confusing.

When it comes to the kitchen, sheet pans are indispensable. The real question is which sheet pan is the most reliable of the many that are available? Consider the following factors before deciding on your best sheet pans.

⇒ 1. Sheet pan sizes

A basic baking sheet size can be found in five different varieties. Several factors determine the usefulness of a pan in the kitchen, including its size and compatibility with some other kitchen appliances.

Full size– In most commercial settings, this is the standard size. The full-size sheet pans will fit on each shelf in your commercial oven, and these will not accommodate in a 30″ oven.

2/3rd size– The largest size that can be accommodated by a standard 30″ is ideal for small bakeries or catering businesses.

Half-size– Half-size convection ovens, as well as dishwashers, are compatible with this size.

¼ size– The tray can be used as an appetizer tray, making it ideal for processes with limited space, such as food trucks.

1/8 size- Small portions can be served on a serving tray that doubles as a baking dish.

⇒ 2. Stainless Vs. Aluminum baking sheet pan

When it comes to sheet pans, aluminum and stainless steel are the most popular options, but each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Aluminum baking sheet pan– Using aluminum baking sheets is best suited for foods that need to be cooked quickly, such as cookies, on high heat. Fast heating and even browning are the benefits of using them.

We recommend washing aluminum baking pans by hand or with metal-safe dish detergents. The disadvantage of aluminum is that it can interact with acidic foods, giving food a metallic taste, which stainless steel does not.

Stainless steel– Searing steaks to achieve a crispy, caramelized crust on a stainless steel baking tray is ideal. Dishwasher-safe, but heat does not distribute evenly in this material.

⇒ 3. The best gauge for sheet pans

The gauge of a sheet pan refers to the metal’s thickness. Make sure you understand the relationship between the thickness of a pan and its diameter. In terms of cost, higher-gauge sheet pans are less durable than lower-gauge pans.

⇒ 4. Perforated or solid sheet configuration

For increased airflow, perforated sheet pans have small holes cut into their bottoms. In comparison to cooking on a standard solid sheet pan, this feature allows food to cook more thoroughly. Additionally, products baked in perforated pans have a crispier exterior. Non-perforated sheet pans, on the other hand, are solid, which results in chewier, dough products, such as rolls and cookies, which are better suited to perforated baking trays. If you don’t want your food to get crispy, stick to trays with no holes.

⇒ 5. Bead rim styles

Wire-reinforced sheet pans are more durable and keep your pan from warping, as well as providing additional strength. A metal band can also be added to some pans for added durability.

Open beaded rim skillets (Wireless rims) have a wholly curved edge which makes cleaning and stacking easier and more efficient. Pans with fully accessible bead rims are ideal for light-duty applications, such as food service establishments, because the open rim allows for door-easy, sanitary clean-up.

⇒ 6. NSF certification

Using an NSF-certified pan for food service is permitted. The open bead on these pans makes cleaning a breeze. NSF standards cannot be met by thinner gauges.

How To Clean And Care For Your Sheet Pans?

Cleaning and Upkeep will extend the durability and performance of any cookware, be it a sheet pan or any other baking pan. Here are some cleaning and caring tips related to a sheet pan that you must follow:

Different Cleaning Methods:

Method 1. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective way to help remove stubborn stains and residue left behind on the base. All you have to do is spread a little baking soda on a baking sheet. Sprinkle it with hydrogen peroxide and then make a layer using baking soda.

This cleaning method needs time to work effectively, so you are advised to let it sit for two hours. At the same time, do a test run before cleaning the baking sheet because the chemicals may be too harsh for coating some pans, especially if it’s crafted from a special material. Then use a clean cloth to wipe away the natural cleaner. There is no need for harsh scrubbing.

Method 2. Scrub with Aluminum foil

For this method wet the baking sheet first, then sprinkle a little baking soda at the base of the pan. Now, add some water along with baking soda. Use aluminum to scrub the burnt debris on the baking sheet. This method of cleaning will remove the debris immediately.

Method 3. Clean using Oven cleaner

Spray your baking pan with oven cleaner, but use it when the harshest chemicals are there. Before spraying, first, check whether the oven cleaner will damage the base’s coating. After you’ve sprayed, put it in the garage, outside, or even in your oven to avoid fumes from scattering throughout your kitchen. Then let the oven cleaner sit for at least 15 minutes. Then start scrubbing with steel wool to remove the toughest stains. Then, rinse it with soapy water.

Method 4. Clean with Vinegar and Cream of Tartar

Make a paste using white vinegar and tartar. Spread this paste on the blemished parts with the sponge. Let it sit for at least 1 hour until it is dry. Wash it off with warm water; you can also use the sponge to remove the dried cream of tartar paste.

Caring tips:

  • Avoid abrasive or heavy-duty scrubbing for non-stick pans.
  • To remove stubborn stains, you can soak a sheet pan with a mixture of baking soda and dish soap for a whole day in warm water.
  • Before applying any cleaning solution to the sheets, do a test to make sure it won’t harm them.

Sheet Pan Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Do Sheet Pans Warp Sometimes?

Ans: If you’ve used a metallic sheet pan before, then you might be quite familiar with the metallic thud sounds. Those thud sounds are proof that your sheet pan is warping, and not only just sheet pans but other types of pans warp as well. And this happens only because of the extreme temperature differences. Usually, the lightweight and thin metallic sheet pans warp a lot, it’s because such pans cool down unevenly after you’re done using them. Well, what’s the solution then? The only solution is that either you stop using metallic sheet pans, or if you do use such metallic pans, make sure it is made out of thick metal material.

Q2. What’s The Difference Between Normal Sheet Pan And Insulated Sheet Pan?

Ans: The popularity of insulated sheet pans seems to fade away these days, but just a decade ago, such pans were the top choice of customers. Insulated pans have two thin layers, and in between these two layers, there’s hollow space for air. The plus point of using such pans is that the baking is even because of the even heat conduction. However, it takes a little extra time to bake cookies on insulated pans because the heat conduction isn’t very fast. And that’s why such pans are a great choice for those who like underbaked items. 

Q3. Does The Dark And Light Finish Of The Pan Matters For The Baking Process?

Ans: For the majority of people, the difference that the dark and light finishing of a pan makes doesn’t matter that much. The difference is very subtle, but not negligible. It has been seen that pans with dark and dull finishing, radiate heat in a better way, which helps in baking items quite faster. On the other hand, pans with shiny and light finishing don’t radiate the heat as much as dark finishing pans.

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