Broiler Pan Substitutes: Here are some alternatives!

Broiling is a simple process in which the excess fat is drained from the meat by heating and a healthy and tasty dish is made available to you. Broiling is a somewhat similar process to grilling. The only difference between these two is the direction of the heat source. In broiling, the heating is done from the above while in grilling it is done from below. Since the amount of heat required for broiling is more, the pan needed should be able to handle a large amount of heat.

Using a broiler pan is one of the methods for broiling. These pans are generally made of stainless steel or porcelain enamel and consist of two parts: one is the cooking pan and the other is a lower pan for collecting the excess drained fat. The broiling process is necessarily done using broiler pans. If you don’t have a broiler pan, then are many options available for broiling from which you can choose any one suitable for you.

Substitutes or Alternatives of Broiler Pans

Broiler pans are not the only way to do broiling. You can now try different methods to substitute broiler pans as you now are aware of the process and result of broiling with broiler pans. You can obtain similar results from the other alternatives.

Below are some of the substitutes for broiler pans:

1. Roasting Trays with Wire Racks

Roasting Tray with Wire Rack

Roasting trays are one of the best alternatives for broiler pans. But these roasting trays are not to be used alone. You need to put wire racks in the roasting trays to make-do a broiler pan while doing broiling. This gives you a satisfactory result and enhances your cooking experience too.

The main purpose of placing the wire racks in the roasting trays is that the juices that are drained from the meat or veggies drop into the tray and provide you with perfect broiling. While carrying out this process you just have to monitor your food continuously to prevent the juices to catch fire.

Roasting trays with wire racks already inside them are also available in the market. You can just buy them. The material of the trays should be oven-safe. The roasting pans can handle a high heat so they are perfect for the broiling process.

2. Cast-Iron Griddling Pans

The cast-iron pans are the best option for broiling as they are can withstand a high amount of heat. Not only this, but these pans are highly durable, versatile and the food taste is also enhanced.

When you are searching for griddling pans with the objective of broiling, you have to remember that the ones with griddle lines on them are perfectly fit. The griddle lines make the pan a perfect substitute for the broiling pans or wire racks. The lines should be high so that the juices drained do not mix with your food.

These pans are easy to use with their long handles that make you able to move the pan without any trouble.

3. Cast-Iron Griddle Sheets

The cast-iron griddle sheets differ in shape from the pans. They are flat and have a sheet-like shape. These griddle sheets are mostly used on the stove for cooking. They are perfect for broiling large meals or large chunks of meat.

These sheets are also high heat withstanding with griddle lines that don’t allow the food to settle in the juices drained. Even for these griddle sheets, you have to pay attention to the height of the griddle lines so that the broiling is perfectly done.

The cast-iron griddle sheets are very utilizable as they can be used from both sides. The one with griddle lines and the other without them.

4. Roasting Trays

In case you don’t have any of the above-mentioned options, you always find a solution that suits you much better. You can make use of roasting trays but not with the wire racks this time. You can use them as it is. The roasting trays or baking pans can act as a perfect alternative for broiler pans as you can broil any food disregard of its shape and size.

These trays are spacious enough to hold any type of food. Also, the splattered food can be contained in the tray. As the height of these trays is much higher than the previous options, they are more compatible for holding the liquids are give a satisfactory result. The high heat will make the juices, that run down from the food, evaporate. So, you don’t have to worry about your food. For better results, you can make use of aluminum sheets in the tray.

5. Baking Sheets

baking sheet

Baking sheets or trays are also one of the alternatives that can be used instead of broiler pans for the broiling procedure. These sheets come with small edges that make the juices unable to run out from the tray.

Since the juices evaporate due to high heat in the broiling process, it does not create any mess even when the food comes in contact with the tray. Also, the baking trays are compatible with high-temperature cooking procedures they endure the heat while broiling to give you perfectly broiled food. You have to monitor your food to avoid the juices from catching fire. Also, a way to reduce the moisture in the food is by not adding many marination sauces to it.

For better results and perfect broiling, you can try using the baking trays with cooking racks or wire racks inside them.


Broiler pans are very convenient to use and cook fantastic foods. But now you don’t have worry even if you don’t have a broiler pan. You can now cook tasty food with the broiling process by opting for the alternatives of broiler pans. There are many substitutes available that you can use and do broiling without any complex procedure or trouble.

 These broiler pan substitutes are easily available in the market or maybe you can find one in your own home. You just have to choose the one that suits your requirements. That’s it and you are now ready to cook tasty broiled food for yourself and your family.

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