At https://www.pansjunction.com/, we research about the pans available in the market and share the feedback with you. However, all the research work is time-consuming, and we need funds to meet our daily expenses. To maintain transparency, we want to mention that we have an affiliate relationship with e-commerce brands like Amazon.

Being an affiliate partner means we receive a small amount if you purchase by clicking on the links mentioned on the website. Please note that the affiliate program doesn’t impact our opinion, reviews, or any of the product information we share. At PansJunction, we don’t recommend a product that we wouldn’t use. We follow strict quality control, and we are proud of it.

The affiliate program also doesn’t impact the price of the pan you buy. The commission goes out of the e-commerce’s pocket. The pan price will be the same even if you are purchasing the pan through the affiliate links on our website. In such a case, you don’t have to worry about paying extra or searching for a product through incognito mode.

The Amazon affiliate program is an advertising program. Under the program, amazon pay’s the partner websites for advertising and linking Amazon to their website. What links are posted on the website is up to the website owner’s discretion. Please note that the Amazon Logos and any other information related to Amazon are still trademarked to Amazon or its affiliates.

With the help of such affiliate programs, https://www.pansjunction.com/ can earn a fee when you make a purchase. This fee helps us pay for our IT infrastructure, content writers, research works, and other partners. You can consider this as a referral program wherein Amazon is paying us a fee for referring the purchases through their product. Anything we advertise is a good quality product, and we only pen down genuine comments in the review.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will answer your queries.

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