Donut Pan Substitutes: Here are some alternatives!

If you ask people what their favorite desert is, they will prefer to have donuts. It is one of the most beautiful dishes you would love to have after every meal. They are available in every cake shop. However, now you can easily make it at home. It is easy to make. It is one of the most delightful deserts that you have seen. You can prepare donuts at home if you have all the ingredients and the right pan. Making donuts at home will be a fun-filled experience.  It would be good if you tried it at home.

What is a Donut Pan?

Donut Pan

You might be interested in knowing about donut pans. They are a flat pan that looks almost similar to the muffin or cupcake pans. However, the donut pans have a light stem in the middle or centre of the pan. This is done to make a hole in the donut. These pans are also ideal for frying the donuts. If you have these pans, it is easy to make donuts at home. But if you do not have these pans, you can try some other ones.

What are the best alternatives to donut pans?

You must never worry, even if you do not have a good quality donut pan. You have a number of alternatives that you can use instead of a donut pan to make the Doughnuts in the best possible manner. Even with these alternatives, you can get the exact taste of the donuts. Let us try to learn about the best donut pan alternatives.

1. Muffin pans

Muffin pans

It is one of the best alternatives to donut pans. In this case, you can use the tin foil or parchment paper to make the holes in the centre. You need to take a piece of tin foil or a parchment paper and make sure that it takes the form of a small roll and appears flat at the bottom. Now apply oil on the bottom so that the donuts do not stick to the surface of the pan. You can now add the donut mixture or the batter to the muffin pan through a pastry bag. This will protect you from making a mess in the pan. It is one of the best ways to make donuts at home if you do not have a proper donut pan. You can try to have a better experience.

2. Round mold

It is impossible for everyone to have a proper donut pan. On the other hand, using a temporary donut pan can be a time-consuming matter. In such a case, you can try it with the round molds. Round molds are always suitable because they are available in almost every shop and online site. You can purchase it from any of these places. You can place a layer of parchment paper on the mold and grease it with oil. Then fill the round mold with the donut batter that you have made. You can fill up to 75% of the mold with the batter. In the next step, you can use your finger or a cap to make a hole just at the centre of the batter to get the shape of a donut. You must remember to make the hole a bit thicker so it gets nicely baked. With this, you can get a donut prepared at home.

3. Cookie Cutter

A cookie cutter is considered to be another good alternative for donut pans. Like other ones, the cookie cutters are also available in every market and shop. You have to make the dough for the donut and wait till it doubles in size. You will need to use a rolling pin to roll the dough on the table. To make the surface easier, you can apply flour. You now have to take the cookie cutter and cut half an inch of the dough into circles. Then place or put the circles on the cookie tray or the baking pan. You have to apply a small amount of olive oil to the cut pieces of the dough. With this process, you can make the donuts at home even if you do not have a donut pan at home.

4. Free form donuts

If you do not have any of these pans, you can opt for some other ideas. It will be different and unique from the other ones. In this case, you need to make a small amount of donut batter and make donuts to place on the baking trays. It will help if you remember to make a thick layer of baking sheets on the tray and grease the same with some amount of oil before placing the same on the tray. To give a donut look, you can make small holes you’re your fingers before placing the tray for baking. With this, you can also make donuts without a proper pan.

Is it possible to make donuts without frying them?

Most people have the conception that it is impossible to make them without frying them in deep oil. But now the concept has totally changed and you can make donuts by baking them. You can use the oven that is used for baking cakes and breads. It is a very simple step. You have to put the layer of batter on the tray and use your bare hands to make the holes in the middle of the batter. You must do this before putting the batter into the oven. If you are health-cautious or prefer to take foods that have less oil content, you can try the donuts. They are good for your health. It is also found that donuts contain fewer calories than pastries and other deserts.

Many people also prefer to have temporary donut pans as they are cheaper. But these pans consume a lot of time. This is why it is better to avoid these pans.

Summing up:

With the invention of the donut pans home bakers have got new options. It has also made their work easier and more hassle-free. If you notice, donut pans are also used in various confectionary and bakery shops. If you do not have a proper donut pan, you can try the above alternatives and substitutes for donut pans. They will provide you with the best service.

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