Granite cookware pros and cons: smart kitchen tips

If you wonder which type of cookware is the best, and granite cookware is one of your preferable variants, it is definitely one of the best choices. No doubt that granite cookware is full of pros to consider. However, what about the cons?

We are here to help you with the right decision! This article will tell you more about granite cookware pros and cons, and some more useful tips to keep in mind.

Granite cookware pros and cons: what should you know?

Do you know much about granite stone cookware? Is it made of granite stone? How can you deal with this type of cookware? Is it difficult to maintain? And finally, is it a healthy option?

So, we are going to answer all your questions about granite cookware pros and cons, the origin of this cookware material, and its essential properties.

What is granite cookware?

You may be surprised but granite cookware contains no granite at all! Since it looks like natural stone, hence the name “granite cookware”. However, what is it made from?

As a rule, granite cookware has aluminum and carbon steel cores. Covered with porcelain enamel coating, this type of cookware looks like made of granite. However, as you can see, any of the elements is not granite.

In other words, granite cookware is also called ceramic cookware.

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There are two types of granite cookware:

  • Porcelain (vitreous) enameled cookware
  • Teflon coated cookware

Looking nice and attractive, granite cookware is one of the most popular options because of its design versatility. Besides, what is more important, granite cookware is one of the most versatile items as they are compatible with all types of cooktops!

Is granite coating cookware safe?

The porcelain coating on the granite cookware is full of benefits.

Since it covers the granite pots and pans, it protects the metal core from rusty issues. Unlike cast iron cookware, granite cookware can’t rust because of this protective coating.

Granite cookware is perfectly compatible with acidic foods, so no leaching is possible when you cook or store inside any type of acidic food.

As a conclusion, granite cookware is one of the healthiest options as it is rust- and toxic-free.

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What are the advantages of granite cookware?

Here is a list of the granite cookware pros to keep in mind.

#1. Extra durable

The main benefit of granite cookware is its incredible durability!

Since the enamel coating is made to protect the granite cookware from rust and scratches, it makes this type of cookware durable.

In addition, the enamel-coated surface can handle high heat. And finally, this is the reason that makes the granite cookware super-easy to clean. (We are going to tell about these granite cookware pros further).

If you maintain your ceramic pots and pans properly, they will serve you for a long time!

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#2. Non-stick properties

One more evident pro of the granite cookware is its brilliant non-stick coating.

Because of the coated surface feature, modern granite cookware is absolutely nonstick cookware. Its enameled cooking surface is non-porous, so there are no risks to get a sticky mess after the cooking process.

The smooth coating is not prone to absorb any oils or liquid foods, so you won’t face stubborn stains on the granite cookware!

#3. High heat resistance

The high heat resistance is one of the most essential pros of granite cookware.

Created for versatile cooking, ceramic cookware can strongly withstand high temperatures. You can bake, fry, roast, and sear on the granite cookware with no fear that your food will be damaged or poisoned!

Most granite cookware is suitable for high temperatures. Unlike many other types of cookware such as aluminum, cast iron, copper, and chromium cookware that are prone to release harmful chemicals when overheated, granite cookware is much more enduring.

However, be careful when using Teflon cookware. As you can see in the instructions, the maximum temperature for safe cooking is no more than 482ºF. When overheated, Teflon cookware starts to produce harmful fumes.

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#4. Even heat distribution

One more great fact is that granite stone cookware is well-known for its great even heat distribution abilities.

The cooperation of the aluminum or carbon steel core and the porcelain enamel allows the cookware to provide even heat distribution. While the aluminum alloy, stainless steel, or carbon steel core is good at heating, the porcelain enamel helps at retaining heat.

There are two profits combined in one well-designed item: while the metal core is great at conducting heat, the smooth coating provides great heat distribution. In addition, any of these items have a thick and wide bottom that helps to conduct and distribute heat better.

As a result, granite cookware makes your food evenly heated and cooked properly. Forget about undercooking or burning issues!

Since granite cookware can perfectly conduct heat, your food is cooked much faster and better. Generally, it fits best for low and medium-heat cooking.

And guess what? There is one more benefit of cooking on granite cookware! The enamel-coated surface is heatproof. As it can handle up to 932ºF, you shouldn’t worry about your food. Having a great heat-protective coating, granite cookware won’t burn your culinary masterpieces!

Finally, the great heat conduction adds one more profit: you don’t need much oil to cook with.

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#5. Versatility

Granite pots and pans are one of the most versatile types of cookware.

The best granite cookware brands provide high-quality and durable materials. If you are looking for cookware that will serve you for a long time, granite cookware is one of your best bets.

In addition, it is a lightweight type of cookware. You can simply move it around your kitchen. What is more, you can take it on a trip with not much extra weight in your luggage (just don’t forget to wrap it safely so as not to damage the protective coating!).

One more versatile point about the granite cookware sets is their compatibility with absolutely any type of cooktop:

  • Electric cooktop
  • Gas cooktop
  • Glass cooktop
  • Halogen cooktop
  • Induction cooktop

#6. No rusty issues

Good quality granite cookware has a reliable strong porcelain coating that is hard to damage. It means that the stainless steel or carbon steel core is protected from any rust.

As a result, granite pots and pans are much more durable than any other cookware without such a protective coating. The average lifespan of granite cookware is much longer if you maintain it properly.

Keep in mind to take proper care of the porcelain coating, as the damaged spots can cause more serious problems.

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#7. Non-toxic materials

Since granite pots and pans don’t contain any toxic elements, it is a safe and healthy type of cookware. It can’t release any harmful chemicals into your food, so you can use it safely.

What is more, granite cookware suits perfect for cooking any type of acidic food. The protective enamel layer prevents any leach reactions, so you can cook healthily on granite pots and pans.

Long story short, you can cook food on this surface with no fear and risk of getting poisoned with harmful chemicals.

#8. Super-easy to clean

The smooth surface of the granite cookware is not only elegant and glossy, but also insanely easy to clean! Just add some dishwashing liquid and clean the cooking surface with a mild sponge. Then, rinse it all with plenty of warm water.

In case of sticking food, just fill the pan or pot with clean water. Let it soak for a while and wipe the residue away with the soft sponge.

In addition, the smooth surface doesn’t accumulate any food stains, so you don’t need to clean them away. With a bit of detergent added, the excess food, oils, fats, sauces, seasonings, and acidic foods just slide down the nonstick cookware without pervading the surface.

If you choose granite cookware, forget about any bristles and brushes! As you already know, this non-stick cookware doesn’t accumulate lots of messy stuff on the surface after cooking food.

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#9. Looks attractive

Last but not least, the great stone-like appearance is a nice pro of granite cookware. No matter how your kitchen is designed, granite cookware can suit any kitchen style!

The stone-like appearance matches many designs and looks aesthetically pleasing. You can keep it as a nice shiny decor element in your kitchen adding a cozy vibe into the overall interior.

Along with stainless steel cookware, these items are the most versatile in design.

What are the disadvantages of granite cookware?

Like any other cooking item, granite cookware has a list of drawbacks. Many of them are possible to deal with, whereas some can be essential for potential customers.

Before you make your choice, look through the cons of granite cookware.

#1. Fragile coating

One of the granite cookware cons is its fragility. If you don’t maintain your ceramic cookware properly, it starts chipping and cracking with time.

The porcelain enamel coating is not compatible with metal utensils. To keep the cooking surface in tip-top condition, choose silicon, plastic, or wooden utensils as they can’t chip or scratch the enamel coating.

Be sure that you neither drop nor hit your ceramic cookware. Keep your granite cookware set out of free access so as not to damage it accidentally.

Keep a special set of wooden or plastic utensils in your kitchen to use with your granite cookware.

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#2. Not for the dishwasher cleaning

The limited cleaning opportunities are one of the granite cookware cons. This point is not true for all granite cookware brands but is still possible in some cases.

Several granite cookware brands are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Always double-check the instructions before placing your granite cookware into the dishwasher.

If you know that your granite cookware is not compatible with dishwasher cleaning, just always wash it by hand. With the tip-top condition you keep your granite cookware it is worth spending some time at the kitchen sink.

If you are in a hurry, don’t risk your granite cookware! Even one cleaning session in the dishwasher can make your cookware chip and crack. So, if you have no time for cleaning right now, it’s better to soak your granite cookware in clean water for some time. You can easily wash it by hand further.

#3. Extra care tips

As granite cookware refers to the most fragile cookware materials, it requires some extra care tips. Since enamel or glass coating is prone to chip, crack, and damage, you must be especially careful with this type of cookware.

Tip 1. Don’t opt for granite cookware if you are not careful with your kitchen resources. It’s better to choose something more impact-resistant if you are not sure that you won’t drop your cookware or drop something heavy on it.

Tip 2. Keep your granite cookware away from sharp kitchen utensils that can damage its surface. Don’t use any sharp knives or spatulas on the enamel surface as you can easily damage it.

Although granite cookware is known to be scratch-resistant, it is not compatible with any sharp metal tools. Such no-sharp metal utensils as spoons are not so dangerous, but it is still much better and safer to use wooden or plastic utensils instead.

Tip 3. Opt for a plastic or wooden spoon for a granite pan fry to avoid scratches on the surface.

Tip 4. This type of cookware is not the best choice for those who live in an RV. As the movement can damage the cookware coating, be sure to keep it well-wrapped all the time, or choose something different instead.

Tip 5. Keep your granite stone cookware in a safe place where you can’t damage the protective coating accidentally. To be on the safe side, always wrap your granite cookware set with a soft cloth, paper towels, or napkins. Keep them away from the other cookware items that can break, chip, or scratch the enamel surface.

A good idea is to keep your granite cookware set in a separate package, probably wrapped in a soft cloth or paper towel. Be sure that no breaking hazards are possible in the storage place.

Tip 6. If the protective coating on your granite cookware starts chipping and falling off, it means an extra hazard as the particles can drop into your food. If you notice that your granite cookware item is already damaged, you should dispose of it and get another one instead. Always remember that damaged granite cookware is not safe to use!

Tip 7. The safety tips for granite cookware always mean limited usage. Thus, you can’t cook any food in the oven, and it is one of the granite cookware cons.

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#5. Lack of heat retaining

Although the food itself can cook fast in the granite pan, the item takes much time to heat previously. Despite the great heat conduction, low-retaining heat is a drawback of granite cookware, as it can be tricky to prepare food at high temperatures.

If you are going to save your energy, keep in mind that granite cookware can’t retain heat for a long time, and cools down quickly. You have to either keep the frying pan or pot at medium heat for a longer time or opt for another item that retains heat better.

As you can guess, granite cookware requires more energy to cook food. You can’t just take your frying pan out of the heat source, as it cools down in a short time. To cook your food completely, you should keep the granite stone cookware on the heat source until your food is ready.

As we already mentioned, the granite nonstick pans and pots are perfect for low and medium-heat cooking.

#6. High price

Finally, one more drawback of granite cookware is their quite high price. If you are looking for a high-quality cookware set, be ready to pay a higher price. However, you can be sure that it is worth paying! The expensive granite cookware sets are always strong and durable.

Of course, you can opt for a cheaper granite cookware set. But don’t expect much of it, as the low price means low quality. As this cookware set doesn’t retain heat well and is more prone to damage, you will have to pay twice when buying a new set instead!

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Which is better granite or non-stick cookware?

Which is better granite or non-stick cookware?

Can you use metal utensils on granite cookware?

Since the enamel coating on the granite cookware is fragile, you can quickly damage it by using metal utensils.

Don’t use any metal kitchen utensils on your granite cookware! Opt for silicone, wooden, or plastic utensils instead, as they are more delicate to the enamel coating.

Final thoughts

Now, that you know all the granite cookware pros and cons, it is easier for you to make your choice.

When getting a granite stone cookware set, always pay attention to the instructions, material, compatibility, and warranty placed on the coverage!

Do you want to know more granite cookware pros and cons? We recommend you to read another article, just follow the link and read the post.

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