Pie Pan Uses and Benefits. [Tips]

Pie is one of those iconic desserts that are easy to look at but equally difficult to make.Butter-based pie dough requires only four main ingredients which include flour, water, salt and most importantly butter. But professional or restaurant-style pie requires detailing from every nook & corner. Under this, the maker of the pie has to see how much water will pour, whether the measurement of flour is correct or not, mix the butter well in the ingredients and have a pie pan to shape it in the last. The entire process of making pie is incomplete without a pie pan. In this blog, we are going to discuss pie pans, their types, features and benefits.


A pie pan is also referred to as a pie plate or pie tin. It is around a banking dish with thin slanted sides that are one to one & half inches deep. The pie pans are available in different sizes and materials. The most commonly used sizes & materials are 8, 9, and 10 inches, glass, stoneware, aluminum, tinned steel, and ceramic respectively. Typically, pie pans are used to bake double crust or single-crust pies.

They come in a deep-unit diversity that has distorted edges ranging from 9 to 12 inches and sides are two or two & half inches deep. The pie pan is mostly used to prepare a flavorsome dish like salty plus sweet pie.

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Types of Pie Pan

From pear cobber to berry clafoutis to apple fie or any other fruit, all can be made quickly with the pie pan. The types of plates and pie pans vary by material, shape and size. Each pie pan has its advantages and ideal use. Let’s discuss all:

Pie Pan types – Based on Material

  • Glass Pie Pans

Glass pie pans are perfect for refrigerator pies, as well as for low-temperature baking. This type of pan should not be used in the freezer, because too much cold can cause the glass to crack.If you want to bake layered pies or want to show them, opt for a glass pie pan. It enables you to check the layers of the pie through the glass, perfect for cold pies.

  • Ceramic Pie Pans

This type of pie pan is being offered with a colourful theme and designs like Christmas trees for Christmas and many others. Some pans come with a strong coating that enables you to use them at extremely high temperatures in the oven. Some ceramic pie models can be only used to serve not for baked. They can smash or damage if come in contact with even cold or heat.A traditional or simple pie pan design with grooved edges enables you to make fancy pie crusts.

  • Aluminum Pie Pans

Pans made from aluminum are perfect for freezer and fridge use. It is equipped with the cooking surface for baked pies that can be used to prepare different types of pie. Before going to buy an aluminum pie pan, make sure that has a non-stick surface. Some extracts or surfaces can affect the flavor or taste of the pie. This type of pan comes in wider as well as thicker varieties.

  • Pyrex Pie Pans

A Pyrex Pie pan is varying from a glass unit as it can’t shatter or damage in high temperatures. Also, it doesn’t form or melt in cold or heat. Apart from that, you can check the layers through it, and thus it is an ideal option for those who prepare visually tempting layered pies. Hence, these pans are perfect for high-heat and visual appeal baking.

  • Stainless Steel Pans

The most common type is stainless steel allows you to use it in the freezer or fridge. However, this type offers a robust cooking surface and is equipped with handles on both sides. Neither aluminum nor stainless steel offers stylish appeal to a table but it serves best purposes than others in terms of versatility, functionality and durability.

  • Cast Iron Pie Pans

There is a wide range of cast iron pie pans available in different sizes and sections that allow you to bake slices of pie perfectly.

  • Copper Pie Pans

Copper pie pans are best for commercial use as it has a surface that heats evenly, and it looks attractive & pretty. Pie pans made of copper are suitable for fridge, freezer and oven use.

  • Plastic Pie Pans

Plastic pans are designed for making freezer & refrigerator pies and cooking in the microwave. Some plastic isn’t ideal for oven use, so don’t use cheap quality plastic pans that can melt in the heat.

Pie Pan types – Based on Size & Shapes

Whether you bake a fruit pie, chocolate pie, or a cake, the size & shape of the pan is mattered the most. The shapes and size of the plan enable you to experiment with the recipe. However, the material, size, oven temperature, ingredients and shape all influence the flavors of your pie. A pie pan comes in oval, rectangular, round, square shapes of different sizes. You need varieties of pans and plates if you want to try different recipes of bake frequently. Or, you can buy a set of pie pans that include rectangle, square and round pie pans.

Features of Pie Pans

A pie pan is formerly known as a pie dish, pie plate, or pie tin that is a shallow, round, slope-sided bakeware with a fluted or flat edge to hold it of a pie crust. Typically, the pie pan is made of aluminum, pyrex glass, heavy black steel, tin and fired clay. Some stainless steel pans come with removable bottoms while some are one piece.

  • Pie pans are very easy to use& carry as they are lightweight and come with handles on the bottom side of the pan. You can easily place it inside an oven and carry it.
  • The maximum oven-safe temperature is also restrained so that you won’t have to worry about crack or damage to the pie pans.
  • Most of the pie pans are well designed that has the right edges, giving the perfect shape to your pie.
  • Pie pans are dishwasher safe; also you can clean them in your hands. You just have to clean it with water to remove all the stains.

Uses of Pie Pans. Tips.

As the name implies, the most common use of a pie pan is to bake a pie perfectly. But some other dishes can be cooked in a similar pan. Let’s talk about them:

  • Pie Pans are used to make custard pies, apple pie, maple banana pies, peach pies, and many other recipes. The sweet and salty dishes give soothing flavors to your taste buds.
  • People may think that a pie pan is only used for baking varieties of pie. They don’t know that they can also do other baking things. It can also be used to prepare non-vegetarian dishes such as beef nacho pie, crab pie, chicken pot pie, meatloaf with bacon topping, tomato-baked fish, and various others.

Benefits of Pie Pan

Having a pie pan in your kitchen allows you to make taller, sweeter, colorful and more detailed pies on your own. Some other benefits of using a pie are as follow:

A pie pan fulfils your pie needs

Whether your go-to frequently baking task or baking your very first pie, having a pie pan is good for the first baking experience will make you’re the entire pie process more pleasant. These pans baked pie in the oven perfectly from all the sides and bottom.

Pie Pans are available in different sizes, materials and shapes

Baking a pie in the professional or regular kitchen can be impossible without the right pie pans. The shape, size and material matter if want to make fruit or custard pies. Each pan has its usage and benefits to the overall results.

Easy to clean & maintain

Pie pans made of glass need extra care while other pans can be used without any worries. They are very easy to maintain for a long duration.

Comes at affordable prices

Pie pans are available are slightly cheaper than other utensils or bakeware products. You need to invest a lot in it.


Preparing a perfectly baked, delicious and crusty pie can be possible with a pie pan. They come in a variety of materials and sizes that perfectly suits your need. It helps to strengthen the flavors and presentation of your pie just like professional restaurants.

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