Red Copper Pan Vs Gotham Steel Pan: Which One Is Best?

Buying cookware for the kitchen is not a very difficult task but the advertisement and different companies do confuse us when it comes to choosing between two same equipments of different companies.

All the advertisement that we see on television shows us that these pans are durable, non-stick and they can be washed in a dishwasher but what durability depends on is how you use this equipment. The more fat and more heat you provide to the pan the more scratches, defects you are going to find.

And about the dishwasher in advertisement they show that you can put them in a dishwasher and use them but actually when you buy the product, it has instructions written that do not wash them in a dishwasher.

So everything you see in an advertisement is not real so the first thing you will want to change in your buying system would be not to trust advertisement but to see the point which are worth and what qualities matter when it comes down to buying a good pan.

And today in this article we are here for you to do a qualitative analysis and comparison between the red copper pan and Gotham steel pan and at the end of the article you will know all the points about two of these pans and then you can select which one of them is the best for you.

Red Copper Pan Vs Gotham Steel Pan – Similarities and Difference

Red Copper Pan or Gotham Steel Pan

While taking look at both of these pants you will find so many similarities and differences so let’s first discuss what is so similar in them

 Red copper pan and Gotham steel pan both of them have an aluminum based surface with metal-infused ceramic coating. Other than that both of them have the same heat taking abilities and also they share similar metal handles which can get quite hot when you leave them in presence of heat for a time being.

Now to talk about the difference is the only difference you can call out would be, Red Copper Pan has “Copper infused”ceramic, and in Gotham Steel Pan aluminum has “titanium infused” ceramic.

Now apart from these very common differences let’s dive into some real qualitative differences that make these two very different from each other.

About Red Copper Cooking Pans

Red Copper Pan

These red copper cooking pants do not have very much copper in them it is a little copper with more aluminum in it search is just a little copper and sometimes in some of the copper cooking pans there is no copper in it

Aluminum and copper-infused ceramic are what makes this pan non-stick but to keep it non-stick and away from the outside scratches you will have to preheat this pan and also you will have to oil them a moment ago start cooking. so basically Red copper pan requires seasoning before it can act as a non-stick pan.

Red copper cooking pans I have aluminium in it which is very light and sturdy metal and a test heat efficient and Teflon free which makes it even better at its qualities.

What are the advantages of having red copper cooking pans?

  • They are Teflon/PTFE free.

(What does it mean when something is Teflon free,? Teflon is something that when burned/heated over 280 degrees Celsius it gets toxic for human health and that is why in cookware Teflon is not a good option)

  • Because they are made up of aluminum and copper they are not expensive and anyone can use and afford them.
  • They have very good heat efficiency as they can take up to 260 degrees Celsius of heat and they are very attractive to look at.

What are the disadvantages of having red copper cooking pans?

  • The very first disadvantage of this pan would be that it needs to be seasoned before it acts as a non-stick pan.
  • The outer covering of this pan comes off in a very short time of use.
  • Reviews of those who bought this red copper cooking pan say that its non-stick surface doesn’t last long.

About Gotham Steel Cooking Pans

Gotham Steel Cooking Pan

Now when talking about Gotham steel cooking pants it looks seem like copper cookware but it is not.Now these Gotham steel cooking pans are made of aluminum and titanium infused ceramic sue these are also non-stick

and of course, you can use a dishwasher to wash them but then again if you want a long-lasting non-stick surface for your pan, I would suggest you hand wash your pans.

Gotham steel cooking pans do not require oil or preheating to activate their non-stick power so this one is a good point, but I would recommend you still add a little oil before cooking anything on the pan and it would be really good if you use olive oil.

These pans are quite durable and shining and attractive and also affordable but they are not as durable as the hard anodized cookware set.

Gotham steel cooking pans also have an alternative named Gotham steel Hard anodized cookware set. It is more resistant to heat and quite a good product.

What are the advantages of having Gotham steel cooking pans?

  • Gotham steel cooking pans are PTFE/Teflon free (polytetrafluroethylene)
  • It has a good heat resistant ability so you can heat it over 280 degrees Celsius.
  • Gotham steel cooking pans are genuinely non-stick because they do not require oil or butter and nor do they require preheating before one can start cooking.
  • It is dishwasher safe but still, it is recommended that you do not Washington dishwasher.
  • They are affordable.

What are the disadvantages of having Gotham steel cooking pans?

  • The non-stick cover of the cooking pan will eventually wear off as time passes by.
  • And some of the reviews of those who had used Gotham steel cooking pans said that the covering peels off after some time of use.

Bottom line:

Both red copper cooking pans and Gotham steel cooking pans have their advantages as well as disadvantages but both of them are of really good materials so you can choose any of them according to your kitchen needs. You should never ever use A metal equipment on non-stick pans ! One should always use wooden equipment for non stick pans, or else the non stick cover will come off!

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