Saucier Pan Vs. Saucepan: What’s The Difference? [Pros & Cons]

Pans are available in various shapes and designs. They play a crucial role in the kitchen. However, it must be remembered that each pan have a different set of features and characters. It is used for specific purposes and uses. In fact, most people get confused about saucier pan and saucepan. This is natural and is found in most cases. Still there lies a difference between the two categories of pan. Before all this, it is good to find out about each of these pans specifically. It will help in the better understanding of the pans.

About Saucier Pan

Saucier Pan

Sauciers are pans that have round bottoms and sloped walls. They have rolled edges. In short, it is better to call them bowls with handles. They are precisely available in the shape of bowls. They have a wider opening and shallow edges at the same time. As they have sloped sides, most of the ingredients slope down the sides. It is found that the French cooks traditionally used saucier pans. These pans are available in various sizes. You can select the suitable one for your work. It is still being used in all the kitchens.

What are the benefits of using sauciers?

It will be good if you are aware of the saucier pans. Let us explore the essential ones.

  • They have sloping sides, which are unavailable in the case of saucepans.
  • It helps in the better evaporation process, which is absent in the case of saucepans.
  • It is best in preparing oatmeal, risotto, and simmering sauces.
  • The round base or bottom of the saucier helps in the easy stirring process. This is another advantage of using sauciers.

What are the drawbacks of sauciers?

It is also essential to find out the drawbacks of sauciers. Let us explore it.

  • It becomes quickly heated. This means you need to be careful while cooking on sauciers.
  • Sometimes it becomes tough for the cook to handle the pan with such a wide mouth.

About Saucepans


It is better to gather probable information about saucepans. Saucepans are pans that have flat bottoms and straight sides. When the handle is attached, it looks almost like a cylinder. However it is noticed that it has less surface area for cooking due to the high sides and narrow mouth. They are almost similar to frying pans but have high sides.

What are the benefits of using saucepans?

You must be interested to know about the benefits of using a saucepan. Here are some of the essential ones.

  • It must be remembered by all that saucepan is one of the most essential kitchen tool without which you cannot heat water or make tea.
  • If you select the suitable material of saucepan, you can deserve long time usage of the pan.
  • Saucepans that have lids make easy boiling and evaporation of steam.
  • Some nonstick saucepans are best and easy to clean. They are always preferred.

What are the drawbacks of using a saucepan?

It is also essential to know about the drawbacks of saucepans.

  • Saucepans have a higher risk of boiling. If you do not keep good watch, it can get boiled at any point in time.
  • Sometimes it is a challenging job for the users to clean the saucepan. This is only because of its shape.
  • Because of the heavy metal of the saucepan, it becomes tough for the users to handle or move it from one place to another.
  • You can get many saucepans that have limited capacity.

What is the Difference Between Saucier and Saucepan?

It is also essential to know and have proper knowledge on the distinction between saucier and saucepan. A brief discussion on the issue will help you to understand the subject in a better manner.


The primary difference that exists between the two is about its shape. Sauciers have a wide opening and round bottom and base. It has big and sloped sides. But saucepans are cylindrical in shape and have small openings. They have a flat bottom. This is the significant difference that exists between the saucier and the saucepan. It must be known to all.


When it comes to performance it is found that saucepans are suitable at fast heating. They are also superior in steaming. But sauciers are best when used for whisking and stirring. It also comes with faster evaporation rate.  This is one of the primary differences that exist between the two. In respect of the performance, saucepans are much superior to sauciers. Saucepans are suitable for boiling and making pastas. If it is for steaming, saucepans are much better and more active.


There is a significant difference that exists between the two in respect of the construction materials. Most saucepans are made of aluminum and stainless steel material. On the other part, sauciers are made of stainless steel and copper material. This is another significant distinction that exists between the two.

Cleaning process

In most of the cases cleaning becomes tough in the case of saucepans because of its long edges. In other cases, it is much easier to clean sauciers. The foods get stick but can be easily removed.


It is also better to know about the saucepans and sauciers. It is found that sauciers have a larger footprint, while saucepans have taller sides.


There is a significant difference between the prices of both the pans. If compared, it will be found that the price of the saucepan is a bit higher than the sauciers.

Surface are

It is also essential to know about the surface area of the pans. The Sauciers bottom is wider than the saucepan. This allows the user to cook it in the best possible manner. If the base is wider, it gives much pleasure and comfort to the user. But saucepans have a narrow surface area.

Ergonomic design

It is always better for the new cook to prepare their food on sauciers. Sauciers are always suitable for every cook. On the other hand, saucepans are ideal for professional cookers. It is used for professional cooks.

Cooking recipes

It is good to prepare and boil foods on a saucepan. But sauciers are used for making different foods. Sauciers are always considered to be a great tool in every kitchen. It allows the user to prepare a vast number of dishes easily. It is also easier and more comfortable for the users to handle or lift a saucier than a saucepan.

Final words

It is found that both the saucepan and the sauciers have specific features. Each of these pans has some particular uses. You can use the one that appears suitable. Both of these pans are convenient. If you have budget issues, it is better to try sauciers.

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