Tube Pan Vs Bundt Pan: The Difference, Benefits & Drawbacks

To experience hassle-free cooking, you must always prefer to use the right pan. If you have the correct pan in your kitchen, cooking can be a fun-filled experience. You must have heard about the tube pan and bundt pan. These are special pans. They have different features and styles. Before proceeding into the discussion, you must have a clear idea and information about these pans. This will allow you to buy the right pan for kitchen use.

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What is a Tube Pan?

Tube pan

A tube pan is one that is round in shape. It is made with silicone, glass, and ceramic material. It has a cone-shape. You will also find a hallowed center in this pan. It is found in this shape because it will allow you to evenly bake the cake. However you can also use this pan to make ring-shape cakes. They are ideal for such dishes. You must be anxious to know about the significance of tube pan. It has a tube placed in the center of the pan. This tube is considered to be a good conductor of heat. It will allow the cake to bake easily and quickly. Another specialty of this pan is because of its shape you can easily remove the baked cake without hampering its structure. You can also remove the bottom of the tube pan.  If you wish, you can buy a single piece or a double tube pan.

Benefits of using a tube pan:

It is good to learn about the benefits and advantages of tube pan. Here are some of the noted ones.

  • No use of chemicals:

You have probably noticed that when making cakes, you have to rely on variety of chemicals. Some of them are not suitable for your health. But if you bake a cake in this pan, it will be gluten free. There is no use of chemicals in making the cakes.

  • Baking becomes faster with a tube pan:

It is found that you can quickly bake a cake in this pan. There is a cylindrical tube in this pan. It has a purpose to serve. With this cylindrical tube, you can quickly heat the inner ingredients. It means that the cakes are baked from the inside.

  • Tube pans have a wide surface:

There is another specific feature of this pan. It comes with a wider base and surface. It has a much more stable structure and base that are sufficient for baking. It is good if the cake gets more surface area. It will quickly bake the food.

  • Tube pans are perfect for retaining the cake shape:

Another advantage of using a tube pan for baking is that it helps retain the shape of the product. This is mostly unavailable in the case of other pans. It is only possible because of the unique pan shape. You will easily notice the difference if you lift the pan. You will find that the cake will have the same structure.

Drawbacks of using a tube pan:

In some cases, you may observe minor drawbacks. Let us discuss some of them.

  • You may get tasty cakes with this pan, but sometimes the cakes may crumble under pressure. This is why you can only bake soft and spongy cakes with this pan.
  • It is found that as this pan does not use any chemicals like leaveners, it may happen that the cake will collapse. This is one of the primary drawbacks of using a tube pan.

What is a Bundt Pan?

Bundt Pan

A bundt pan is also a type of tube pan. However, you may notice some variations in these pans. The shape of a Bundt pan is ring-shaped. It comes with scalloped sides, and this is the specialty of this pan. You will see that the aesthetically pleasing design of the pan helps you get a pleasingly shaped cake. You can use this pan to make designer cakes for any occasion. You can get this pan like to the traditional German cake called as “BundKuchen”. Most people may not be aware of the structure and features of the Bundt pan.

What are the benefits of using a bundt pan?

It must be exciting to know about the advantages of using a good quality bundt pan. Below you will see some of the benefits.

  • It helps to get designer cakes:

The primary advantage of using a Bundt pan is that you can get the chance to prepare and bake the densest cakes. All cakes require yeast, known as leavener. With the presence of this yeast, you bake great cakes. It will help the cake increase in volume and density. This is good for the cake.

  • It allows quick baking of cakes:

It is also found that you can quickly bake the cake in this pan. The scalloped pan sides are much more suitable for this purpose. It will allow you to heat the cake from all sides. If you use a Bundt pan to bake a cake, you can retain the shape of the cake. This is good about the pan.

  • Bundt pan has a non-stick coating:

Bundt pans are available in ceramic, glass, and silicone material. These materials can enhance the durability of the pan. You can use it for an extended period. On the other hand, the interior of the pan has a non-stick surface. This is best for baking the cakes. The cake will never break into pieces, even if you remove the pan.

  • It helps to a bake wide variety of cakes:

Apart from all this, you can bake various categories of cake with this pan. You can bake wedding cakes, pound cakes, and even coffee cakes with this pan.

Drawbacks of using Bundt pan:

Here are some minor drawbacks to using a Bundt pan. Let us find it out.

  • In most cases, it is found that bundt pans are just bad for baking layer cakes. You may not maintain the cake layers with this pan.
  • You cannot bake sponge cakes in this pan. They are not suitable for this pan.

Differences Between Tube Pan and Bundt pan


Although both come under the same category, there is a difference that exists between the two. In the next few lines, you will learn about the difference between the two. It will help if you remember that baking a cake depends on which type of pan you have chosen.

  • A tube pan is manufactured for preparing and baking light and fluffy cakes. You can get flat-shaped cakes with the use of tube pans. On the other hand, a Bundt pan is used for baking dense and heavy cakes. This pan has large sides that help in the smooth baking process.
  • There is a difference in respect of the sizes of both the pans. Tube pan comes in a size of 6 by 3 inches. But Bundt pans come in a size of 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
  • Tube pans have a cylindrical stick on the central part. This helps with an even heating of cake. But this stick is absent from the Bundt pan. You will never get the stick in Bundt pan.
  • With a Bundt pan, you can prepare and bake sponge, and coffee cakes. This is not possible for a Tube pan.
  • A Bundt pan is available in silicone, ceramic, and glass material. But a Tube pan is not found in such materials.
  • A Bundt pan has a non-stick surface, but this is not the case with a tube pan.

Final thoughts:

Both the pans are useful in their respective areas. A bundt pan is a type of tube pan with some variations in its structure. You can make tasty and fluffy cakes with these pans. You may find hundreds of pans on the market, but you have to choose the one suitable for your kitchen. It will help if you have prior knowledge and experience with the pans.

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